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Learning Pole Dance at RebelStudio in Copenhagen

Are you entering the world of Pole Dance or want to get to know it better?

I have a great studio for you in Denmark 🙂

The dance studio was founded by Ksenia – an experienced, charismatic and passionate pole dance instructor (since 2014). Every day, she discovers secrets of this delicate art in front of girls: a dance with a tinge of seduction. Ksenia is excellent at what she does and proves it many times at international competitions. That’s why I’ve chosen her studio for you – so that you could learn from the best trainer.

RebelStudio is a school for both beginners and experienced dancers. Trainings are conducted in various age groups and levels: from scratch to complex dance tricks on the pole. Do not worry: it’s a place you’ll love! As always, I’ve checked it personally, and even took some lessons from Ksenia. 😉

Pole Dance develops your confidence and courage: you will get to know your body, including its possibilities and limitations. You learn how to overcome these limits and cross you own boundaries. Dance is a for your progress at many levels, you’ll find this out during the first class. In a large hall, with great music and colorful lights you will quickly get to love the atmosphere of RebelStudio. 😉

Pole Dance is an investment in yourself!

The salary of dancers in clubs depend mostly on the quality of their dance shows. Beautiful figures and confident feminine movements attract the guests’ eyes. At RebelStudio, you’ll learn how to enchant your viewers by looking and dancing.

Girls often decide on the first lessons before starting work. They come to Copenhagen 2-3 weeks earlier to learn about basic figures and movements. Thanks to this, during the first day in the club they are a step ahead of other novices. Join them and feel confident!

And if you still hesitate… 😉 Go to: www.rebelstudio.dk and see you in the room 🙂

Katarzyna Hajduk :*

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