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How to take care of your mind

How to take care of your mind

Setting precise financial goals while working is essential, but it is even more critical to make money without damaging yourself.

Are you familiar with that feeling of counting down the days, hours or minutes until the end of your workday? If the answer is yes, I’m glad that you found this post. So…

Stop wondering about the future.

Yes, I know it sounds strange, but the future is very important. But if your only concern is wondering what you will do after your shift and what you can do, that means it is also harmful. Your thoughts are very powerful, so thinking like that can change the image of your job and make it seem hopeless and boring. Remember, your attitude changes a lot so if you have positive thoughts about your day, a positive day is more likely to happen. When you only focus on how bad and boring your day is, it will be even worse and boring because you will feel like time has stopped. Club “veterans” always think of a contract as another adventure and with that attitude, you won’t work a single day, because your job will be a pleasure. To be grateful for every day we have is always the right thing to do. If it’s too much for you, consider this as the ability to use the moment efficiently.

Don’t forget about exploring!

Visiting countries and sightseeing are not always a big financial effort. There are more places to see and explore than shopping malls and straight city centres, so getting a chance to know more places than these is definitely worth your time and effort.

Do some research at first to learn more about communication and the proper ways to reach your destination. Right now, at the web marketplace, you can find hundreds of apps that are made for tourists (for example Foursquare, Culture Trip etc.) so a lack of recommendations won’t be your problem. Anyway, the best source of information is the local people that live there. They are a pure goldmine of spots. Just be kind, that’s it.

My friend once told me about a trip to Morocco after she met a few friends at the pool. They were able to become a team after just a few tips.

Take care of your condition

Try swimming or working out if sightseeing is not your cup of tea. There are a lot of places that offer sports activities with other girls. These classes are almost always English but even in another language it won’t be a serious problem.

In summertime, it’s worth trying swimming under the clear sky or if it’s possible, at the beach. Taking a nap or just chilling at a place like this will be wonderful for you, but don’t forget about suncream, a bottle of water and a cap!

Be productive!

Your body and mind will be grateful if you don’t forget about clearing your mind with a long walk or just changing your environment. This gives you the chance to meet more people and build new connections. The benefit of having a cup of coffee with a friend that lives in “another universe” than your club is it makes you feel like your work isn’t your entire life.

Beside that, another way to cut off is to watch a movie or read a book that will help you forget about reality. If your back doesn’t like the weight of books, consider a Kindle purchase. This little guy can lift a lot of books. Dancers often take courses or classes that aid in their personal development. You can gain new skills and be sure that this time won’t be wasted.

Open mind open doors

You are not a lonely island and you can’t cut off people while you are on contract. If you don’t want to be alone, take steps that can help you maintain old relationships and start new ones. For example, you can do groceries every time in another place, face-time your friends and family every week or introduce yourself to other dancers at your club. If you get an offer to hang out, better think twice before you refuse. Even if you really want to save a lot of money, don’t be greedy and let yourself have some good time once a while.

To sum up: Your stay is present time so don’t waste it. It’s a great opportunity to have a great time, discover new places and meet new people. Just live your life!

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