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How to make a private striptease?

Striptease awakens a lot of extreme emotions. Some consider it vulgar, others appreciate its beauty and artistic values. There is no doubt, however, that pole dancing is an art. The shows of professional dancers arouse admiration not only among guests at the club, but also people around the world.

So if you want to please your man, I have some tips to help you. 😉

First of all, outfit: choose shoes with high heels / wedges, while those in which you feel and walk confidently. You will also need sexy stockings with garters and a short skirt. Your breasts should be covered with a sexy bra. Remember that the entire outfit must be as easy as possible to get elegantly of your body. You don’t want to start struggling with a locked clasp or a small button in the middle of the show. It would ruin the whole atmosphere. 😉

Time to darken the room, aroma candles and sensual music with which you will feel like a goddess. Ready? So it’s time for the main point of the program – your performance. 😉

Slowly, sexy step approach your guy. Keep eye contact with him, light him slowly with your gaze. When you are very close, turn your back on him. Pull on the skirt, slightly moving your hips. Let her fall to her ankles. Gracefully take a few steps forward, slide one bra strap off. Turn to face him and give him a passionate look. Take off your bra and throw it at your man. Come and turn your back: start slowly sliding your panties, but don’t let them leave your hips for a long time. Heat the atmosphere, tease and entertain him with his expectation. Finally let him see the final – lower your panties completely.

After such a performance, your man should already be warmed up and ready to show his appreciation of your sensual performance !!

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