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How to convince someone to visit a club


Since working as a dancer, I have encountered many opinions about strip dancing. Along the way, people have positively commented on what I do, but there have also been those who couldn’t understand how I could treat strip dancing as a “regular job”. It is these people that I will be addressing in today’s post. How can I convince people that strip dancing is a form of dance that is exceptionally attractive to the eyes? 

Who goes to clubs?  

In the club, you will find both men and women. It is known that there will be more men because they are the main target group. Guys are different – I don’t hide that I mostly see rich businessmens. However, women are not excluded, who appear either alone or in the company of, for example, their partner (there is a post on the site about “A date in a club”). The only condition for entering the club is being of age, but this should not be surprising – in every good club they watch how old the person entering is. If you are planning a night out with someone skeptical about strip clubs – you may suggest a trip to such a place, and they may change their mind. 

What is inside?  

Neons, neons, and more neons! They are the ones that make the whole atmosphere. Red and pink lights look beautiful in combination with the wonderful dancer. A bar is a must, which is not empty – no moving without a drink! 😉 I assure you that strip clubs are very elegant (that’s why people come there). Take your friend to one of them and show them a world that you have to “feel”. 

What do you do in the club? 

 Dancing is the domain of the stripper. You are not likely to dance in such clubs. Guys come there mainly to relax and watch beautiful women. They often come with their friends, drink drinks, and talk. You can say that the only difference between a go-go club and a “regular” one is that there is no DJ and a million people on the dance floor. You can relax with good music and beautiful views. 

Convincing your friend to go to a strip club is probably not going to be the easiest thing, especially if they are skeptical. But if you can do it, I’m sure this person will come back to this place and change their mind about strip dancing. 

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