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How much do erotic dancers earn?

Today few rods about a topic that is still more fulfilled with myths against facts, which I guess is also very interesting for most of you. Because let’s be honest; everyone says that money is not a source of happiness, but it’s always better to cry with a good glass of wine. So, if you can imagine yourself dancing in a flying dollar’s over all room, like from Hollywood, I have two pieces of news for you. Reality can be different, but more often, it’s just like that. 🙂 

The matter of money in this profession is not simple as it seems to be. Many things determine the salary of an erotic dancer, and all of the “facts” and statistics you can find on the internet are not showing the whole truth. Why? Dancers often don’t want to confess how much they earn. This topic remains taboo for a few reasons. First of all, it’s because of the giant taxes that the government put on dancers. Also, sometimes the reason is connected with everyday living, like being ashamed of their profession and other stuff. Second of all, money really depends on clubs and their commissions. So if you pick a good club, you can quickly become like these girls who take only a few clients per week.

How big is a stripper’s salary? It’s up to you!

Very confident, attractive girls attract guys like a magnet, and they are just looking for an opportunity to spend some cash on girls like you. Your money depends on many things, but it mostly depends on you! This, how you act on stage, influences how much you earn. 

Worrying about clients will be unnecessary when you start to shine and show them what you can. Then it’s only a matter of time when income on your bank account will only make you smile. But some girls need time to show their best and show their “special” side, so they earn less than 1000 euros per week. But even then, it’s just a matter of understanding themselves to make from 1000 euros per week to 1000 euros per day. With experience comes other abilities you probably won’t have at the beginning of your path, like gentle seduction, attracting customers and convincing them to empty their wallets. So don’t worry, it’s not up to you. Some girls adapt to the scene very quickly, and some need time and experience to discover this other world better, and it’s also alright.

 What can fill your wallet? Know you know!

Contrary to popular belief, dancing is not the only way to make numbers on your account bigger and bigger. There are a lot of other activities that you can take care of with your clients. A lot depends on commissions, so the more your clients spend at the club, the more you gain. Quick math. Clients pay money on two things – drinks and dances – that you get 30 and 50 % of in Europe. Depending on length and clubs, dance can cost from 50 to even 100 euros per few minutes. Still, the drinks rely only on the club’s and bartenders’ imagination. So the more clients spend time and consume drinks with You as a company, the more money comes to You. Besides that, clients very much appreciate good company through good tips. Some clubs take some commission from tips, and some do not. It also depends. Sometimes, even flirting while being well dressed allows you to earn some good money.

Besides the scene, can I also earn?

Of course, you can! Many girls making their first steps into this business, but for some reason don’t want to dance on stage, or are not feeling ready enough, are trying their best to be a hostess. So if you decide to become a hostess, you will be the face of the club, so it will be up to you if a client will step into your club or not. You would also be part of a “fake crowd”, so your lovely smile and being prone to the party will guarantee your client a lot of fun and make him sure that staying in this club is the best decision he can take. At some clubs, if you would like to change your bar chair to the dancing pool, you will be well greeted, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. It’s just up to you.

To sum up, earnings can’t be clearly specified; they depend on place, club and, most importantly, on you. But I’m sure you will be very good at it if you feel very good about it. And for sure, you won’t complain about wages ranging from hundreds to even thousands. Remember – everything is up to you! You are not earning only by the dance, and even without it, you will be great and make a lot of cash, that you can believe me – can help achieve a lot of dreams.

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