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How amazingly earn good money in nightclubs?

The first training for dancers in Poland, which reveals all the secrets of the club industry

Long months of work by the whole team, countless hours of talks, recording and writing, but… we have it! Online training for dancers from dancers – honestly, specifically and without beating the bush, we will show you how the club industry works and how to have it at your feet.

The goal is one: increase your earnings.


Strip System is a training that will completely change your approach to working in the club – we will show you how to squeeze every penny out of it. We have prepared the training for all girls- the ones who are just entering the industry and more experienced dancers.

If you are a beginner, you can start with the Quick Start Pack, which is an introduction to the club business. The basics of lap dance and stage dancing, techniques of selling champagne or instructions on how to conduct a conversation will encourage you before the next steps.

The main Strip System training is divided into 4 subject areas:

1. The secrets to successful sales at the club

You dance in the club to earn good money. And to earn good money, you need to sell well – and that’s what we’ll teach you. During the training you will learn proven techniques, thanks to which you will quickly increase your profits by selling more champagnes, private dances and long stays in VIP rooms.

You will gain the confidence that will allow you to dance so that the guests cannot take their eyes off you. Just a few minutes and you will attract the attention of even the most “inaccessible” customer.

2. How to get inside the client’s head and impact on his decisions?

Since I run Kate’s Diary Agency, not a day goes by without one of my dancers asking me:

● “How do I convince a customer to buy a more expensive drink?”

● “I can’t persuade a client to enter a VIP room, what should I do?”

● “I come across clients-misers for whom private dances are too expensive”

Do these issues sound familiar? It won’t be anymore. 😉

The second training area will show you how to take full control of the meeting and how to influence the client’s decisions. You will get ready, personalized conversation plans that you can use in your daily work. Nobody will refuse you a tip or champagne and will not reject an invitation to the VIP room.

You will be the queen of the situation, earning as much as you want. Our techniques work even with the most stubborn customers – they’ll keep coming back for more like a boomerang. 😉

3. Stage dancing and the art of seduction

 You know well that men choose with their eyes. 😉 We will teach you what to do to keep their eyes focused on you. You will learn not only dance techniques on stage, but also proven methods that will allow you to seduce a given man before you come to his table. Get ready for more champagnes sold, more dancing and more profits.

4. Strategic approach – to finances and goals

It’s good to earn a lot, but it’s also good to use it wisely. We will show you how to manage your finances so that you can make your dreams come true and plan a comfortable future without fear. The money will not disappear from you immediately after a pay day. 😉 More details will follow soon, but I can promise you one thing: thanks to this knowledge, you will earn really great money.

See you at the training!


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