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Travelling to Europe’s biggest cities, dynamic working environment and countless opportunities to make new contacts – this is what the job of a hostess looks like in a nutshell. It is possible to sign a contract for a given event or a series of events in cooperation with a given company, so you can decide how long you will work. Most often, we organise trips to job fairs, where the role of hostesses is to encourage people to get acquainted with the company’s offer, distribute leaflets and gadgets or to offer snacks. Working time varies depending on the specificity of the event, however, it usually ranges from 6 to 10 hours.

Basic requirements

All events are international, so candidates for hostesses must know English at least on a communicative level. Knowledge of other foreign languages is also a great asset. I also assess the overall appearance, openness and the ease of establishing contacts of the candidates. Girls working as hostesses should attract attention and encourage people to stop at a given promotional stand. To a large extent, they are responsible for building a friendly atmosphere of a given place.

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Several cities across Europe.

Attractive earnings

Fixed bases and high commissions.

Flexible working hours

Will you work for a week or a month?
You decide.

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