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Honest about single guys in their 30s

What questions does a single woman in her 30s hear most often? I know them very good. 😉 When will you find a husband? When will you have children? Not did you know that the biological clock is ticking?

And it doesn’t cross anyone’s mind that this woman feels happy And fulfilled because. she does not have a husband and children. So whenever these women get Golden advice from aunts at family reunions or colleagues at gatherings at the coffee should bounce the ball and ask: what about 30-year-old bachelors? And I am of this sure , that then can begin A really interesting discussion about single guys in their 30s.

Among them, 2 types can be distinguished: boys without commitments and idealists. And none of them need to listen to what their peers hear from family and friends: when stability, children and all the rest.

Boys without commitment

In the clubs you see them very often: they are perpetual singles who constantly they think of more entertainments, and the partners in their bed can change every night. They do not engage in any relationships, most often based on open “friendships”, which is why they can so often enjoy their eyes with dancers’ displays.

They are singles who are forever yet have time for real stability. They draw intimacy from fleeting acquaintances, a sense of security from long-standing friendships, and satisfaction from their careers. “Super!” – think their married colleagues, looking with hidden envy at our single’s next acquisitions: shapely and obviously younger girls. And despite the fact that these men lead a very relaxed lifestyle, and know about the responsibilities of a relationship only from the stories of their friends, no one reproaches them. Their life is their choice and those around them respect that. And the choices of 30-year-old women are trying to change. Boys without commitments…I know them very well. I happened to meet one and quickly ended our acquaintance. Handsome, funny – at first glance: the ideal. However, one longer conversation was enough for his inner child to come out. I remember one of his stories particularly well. He wanted to try a relationship and the perfect opportunity came along because he fell in love. Or at least that’s what he thought until it turned out that in addition to having fun in bed and partying, his beloved could also sometimes have a bad mood or get sick. And then she has to be taken care of, with a red nose, puffy eyes and no desire for sex. “It was so boring. It’s okay to feel bad, but no exaggeration.” – he said. Do I need to comment further? Probably not.


The second group of singles, who on the face of it are perfect material for the husband. At least in the eyes of the women he passes. They are capable of something stand out and each of us can find one among them about whom she will say: with him I would like to be. One will be delighted by an unusual hobby, another by a great-paying job, and Another – a passion for animals.

There is no indication that they might have relationship problems, so they quickly One can fall into their trap of superficiality. So what’s hidden inside? Already I explain. 😉

These men want to be in relationships, but idealized ones. They love butterflies in the belly, the sweet look in the eyes, cuddling on a walk in the park. Just This is what a relationship forever looks like in their imagination. However, when there is a difference of opinions, the need for them to compromise on a holiday getaway, or other situation that does not coincide with the imagined, they burn bridges behind them. Not They try to get along, talk, find solutions. Their behavior most Reminds me of the situation in which a young child throws into the trash in his conviction of a broken toy, while it is enough to replace its batteries.

These men are looking for their ideal woman and it doesn’t even cross their minds that it may not exist. They do not appear to reflect on their relationship failures. They do not realize that they have unrealistic expectations. They are not worried about this, as they are starting more relationships with relative ease for now. They know of their attraction and are eager to take advantage of it. What they forget is that in order to find Angelina Jolie, they themselves would have to be men like Brad Pitt.

In Poland, for a woman, people assign only one rightful role: addition to a man’s world. It is at the side of a man that he gains value, it is at the side of a The man eventually gains favorable views from his family. And this at the side of a man finally finds happiness.

I, for one, do not agree with this shuffling. Women have different desires, goals and priorities – what they really need is the courage to realize them. So don’t be afraid to take the next steps – just make sure you’re going in the direction you’ve set for yourself (not others!).

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