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Hiring Hostesses and Models to Kate’s Diary Agency

A business conference, an elegant banquet or an engaging promoting action? In Kate’s Diary Agency you’ll find hostesses and models perfect for each occasion. They have already worked on huge international events as well as on little intimate meetings.

Hiring Hostesses and Models

If you need a professional and appealing setting for your party, the girls for sure will be a cherry on top. Their property, well behavior, nice appearance and punctuality are standards of our team. In addition, their great relationship building skills certainly will help you in creating new business contacts and will leave you positively impressed.

Hostesses to our team are chosen adequately to the range and character of an event, taking into consideration also your individual wishes. As a company we have only one priority: quality. And there are no exceptions.

Our Hostesses and Models work usually during the following three types of events:

Trade Show

It is always a challenge to make your exposition noticeable among all others. However, you need just a bit of creativity and a proper approach to capture the interested people’s attention. Our hostess got this skill to a fine art. Smiling and full of energy, they will successfully present your offer to the participants.

Distributing leaflets, collecting data, presenting new apps or encouraging clients to take part in competitions or quizzes – that’s just a few of the tasks that you can give to the girls. You’ll quickly see that these experienced and polite women will become a business card of your company.

Banquets, Galas and Business Events

A welcome glass of champagne offered by a beautiful smiling girl – can you imagine a better opening for your party?

Our hostesses and fore dancers grace all kinds of banquet. They will show guests their tables, control attendance and skillfully entertain people. They feel comfortable in large groups and in conversation. Kind and happy, they will easily brighten the evening. It is also possible to give them representative functions, such as handing awards or welcoming guests.

Promotional Actions

Introducing a new product on the market? Or perhaps you want to remind consumers again about the product you’ve already introduced, so that they remember it better?

A team involved in promotion is going to be a base of success. Our hostesses will take care of effective advertisement and thanks to their experience and beauty, they’ll be printed in clients’ memory. Organize your own promotional event on a high level and according to your goals together with Kate’s Diary Agency. Successfully, efficiently and responsively – this is how our team works!

The fundamental aspect of any advertisement is good relationships. Let our hostess make a perfect first (and next) impression. 😉 For more details, contact me via phone or e-mail.

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