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Hire hostesses and models at Kate’s Diary Agency

A business conference, an elegant banquet, an engaging promotional event? At Kate’s Diary Agency you will hire models and hostesses who will find their way into any situation. So far, they have worked at both large international events and intimate gatherings.

Hostess and model rental

If you want to ensure an attractive and professional setting for your event, the girls will complement it perfectly. High personal culture, pleasant appearance and punctuality are the standards of our team. The ability to easily network will certainly prove to be a support in gaining business contacts and leave a positive impression after the meeting.

We select a team of hostesses according to the rank and nature of the event, while taking into account the individual preferences of the client. As a company, we have one priority: quality. And we do not make exceptions to it.

Our hostesses and models usually work at 3 types of events:

Trade show

Standing out among the many trade show exhibitions can be a challenge. However, all it takes is the right approach and a little creativity to attract interested parties to your position. Our hostesses have mastered this art to perfection. Smiling and energetic, they will effectively present your offer to event participants.

Handing out flyers, collecting data, presenting the operation of dedicated applications or encouraging participation in contests are just some of the tasks you can entrust to our hostesses. Experienced and cultured girls will become a showcase for your brand for the duration of the fair.

Banquets, galas and corporate events

A welcome glass of champagne served by a beautiful and smiling girl. Can you imagine a better start to a corporate event?

Our hostesses and fordancers are the highlight of any banquet or gala. They will point guests to the right table, check the attendance list and skillfully encourage fun. They feel perfectly at large gatherings and in conversation with other people. Friendly and cheerful, they can easily make the evening enjoyable for guests. They can also be entrusted with representative functions, such as presenting awards or welcoming invitees.

Promotional actions

Are you launching a new product? Or do you want to remind consumers of the existence of the current one so that it becomes even more ingrained in their consciousness?

A committed promotional team is the foundation of great results. Our hostesses will take care of effective advertising of the product, and thanks to their experience and pleasant appeal will be remembered by customers. With Kate’s Diary Agency you will organize a promotional campaign at a high level and according to the objectives. Effectively, efficiently and responsibly – that’s how our team works!

The basis for effective promotion is good relations. So let our hostesses and models take care of the perfect first (and subsequent) impression. 😉 Get in touch by phone or email for detailed cooperation.

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