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Who is behind all this? Who is building this women’s empire? I already answer – a girl like you.

A girl who simply packed her bags one day, took courage for the road and, completely unaware of what awaited her, emigrated to Denmark. There was no plan at the time, but there were dreams and the will to act. As you can see, it was enough for a start.

My name is Catherine Hajduk and I am the founder of Kate’s Diary Agency. I permanently live and work in Denmark, but now I travel a lot in Europe. I created Kate’s Diary Agency – a place for girls who are looking for a new path for themselves. It started with some completely unexpected acquaintances, one friendship, a good idea and dozens of aspirations. Now my goal, and at the same time my mission, is to make sure that the girls who will be in my team feel comfortable and earn well.

World travel, success and financial stability are not for a select few. They are for people who want to act and are ready to take that action. I had already acted as a women’s guide when, as a personal trainer, I built awareness in my clients of their own bodies and their potential. I struggled with weaknesses that often existed only through a misconception of myself. It was enough to show a different point of view, so that no trace of them remained.

That’s why I now know that my experience, knowledge and advice will be useful to both young girls and women who are just ripe for change in their lives. At Kate’s Diary Agency, I guide ambitious women – are you one of them? 😉

Working in my team

I carefully select venues for potential cooperation, and check each place personally. I am also the one who takes care of the girls upon arrival, and when not on site I am in constant phone contact with you. Girls often laugh that I am overprotective. However, absolutely most important to me is your sense of security. As a reminder of my former work and passion as a personal trainer, all I have left are my biceps, but if necessary – I will use them to defend you!

I want you to know that you can always count on my support. I wish that at every turn I came across people whose work does not lead to frustration, but satisfies. That’s why this is the kind of place I’m trying to create for you.

There are also advantages to working as a dancer that are not talked about out loud. In your new role, you will certainly hone your acting skills, become more open and develop your emotional sensitivity. At the same time, your negotiating skills will increase, and your retort will become really cutting. I don’t think I need to mention the accumulation of a huge stock of makeup products?

Deciding to change, to leave what is familiar, although not necessarily good, can be difficult. However, it is the most difficult things that give us the most satisfaction.

And I am here to help you realize them.

Kate :*

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