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Hamburg – a city with a tradition of nighttime fun

Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest city and is increasingly winning the battle with Berlin for tourists’ attention. It has no less attractions to offer, and is much cleaner than the nation’s capital. I am convinced that every girl will find something for herself here: concerts of the biggest celebrities, fairs, exhibitions, theaters (those serious and with erotic art), restaurants, clubs, parks, the philharmonic hall… I think you can spend a year here and do something different every day without being bored for a moment.

I love beautiful architecture, and for me Hamburg, in addition to its great nightlife, is simply a city that is friendly to the eye. Historic buildings accompanied by these super-modern ones create a really great effect, all surrounded by green areas, parks and countless bridges. Hamburg is a port city that really won my heart. A significant part of its area is occupied by water, so life is centered, as it were, around the two rivers, whose environs are the center of life and entertainment. Germans relax in trendy cafes and clubs, almost never parting with a drink popular here: a mixture of beer and lemonade.

My visit to Hamburg, however, was not purely touristic. I flew here for business purposes, of course, and walking around the city was just a nice addition. 😉 More and more girls are asking me about opportunities to work as a hostess, so I decided to cooperate with some additional companies. Salaries in Hamburg are quite high, and for a woman there is no shortage of places to use the money she earns here. In addition to the standard stores, you can find entire neighborhoods where local fashion designers sell their clothes. I will admit that this is where I walked the longest. 😉

Hamburg’s nightlife

I wouldn’t be myself if I left out the city’s nightlife in my story. And after visiting Hamburg, I have especially much to report! Fun is literally the other face of this city: thrill-hungry tourists will find many places that will effectively satisfy their appetite… Bars, restaurants, strip clubs, sex shops and even adult theaters do not fall asleep until dawn. Liters of alcohol flow down the throats of local and visiting men who party on the legendary street of debauchery – Reeperbahn.

Even the Beatles themselves performed within the walls of the clubs on the Reeperbahn, who simply loved Hamburg. Some music experts even claim that these performances were their ticket to further careers… 😉 Although it is the Reeperbahn street that is the heart of partying Hamburg, the other districts do not significantly deviate from it. The city is almost as vibrantly alive at night as it is during the day, but some places only start bursting at the seams after dark.

Will you be able to find yourself here? If you like party life, you’ll even settle in quickly. 😉 Remember, you can always come for 2-3 months as a hostess or dancer, and then decide if you stay for longer. With Kate’s Diary Agency, you work on your own terms. 😉

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