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Gothenborg (Sweden) – an underrated city of surprises

Arriving in Gothenborg, I was in no way prepared for what I found. And I am not referring to the beauty of the city, which I will tell you about in a moment. 😉 So what surprised me so much?

Alcohol. Poland is a country where spirits are not shunned. I sometimes laugh that it is easier to buy vodka here than bread, while in Sweden the situation is reversed 180 degrees. Alcohol prices in stores are very high and you won’t find it in the corner grocery. Swedes source their liquor from a special state-owned network called System bolaget, and this is one of the few options for buying drinks with more than 3% in them. However, the price is effectively a disincentive, so many Swedish residents give up drinking alcohol or buy it in other countries – including Sweden. Poland. 😉

The situation seems improbable, but it is true nonetheless. My trip to Gothenborg for business purposes thus came under question. I wondered what I would wonder in the nightclubs. Voids? Bored dancers? There was no point in waiting, I went to check.

Life in Gothenburg’s nightclubs

When I crossed the threshold of the premises, Sweden surprised me once again, this time positively. 😉 The club was bustling, and the girls attracted attention from the first second. With beautiful costumes and amazing skills, they were real dancers.

And alcohol? The locale was no exception to the rest of the city. Guests at the nightclub were able to purchase only 3.5% beer and champagne – alcohol free, of course. 😉 They did not mind in any way. Men who come to a nightclub are divided into two groups: those who have seasoned themselves with alcohol before and the lack of high-alcohol liquor doesn’t matter to them, and those who don’t really drink and just want to watch beautiful girls perform.

I consider the club itself a phenomenal discovery. I myself sometimes perform in it, playing the thematic characters of the evening. My impression is that the girls I met there are the most talented dancers I have met so far.

Club dancer in Gothenburg

Gothenborg is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. Slightly forgotten and hidden in the shadow of Stockholm, it has many attractions to offer its residents. A lively avenue of upscale stores and cafes, a botanical garden or Liseberg, the largest funfair in Scandinavia. These are just some of the city’s secrets. As you delve into the picturesque neighborhoods, you will discover numerous cafes and architectural masterpieces. Gothenborg allows you to catch your breath and pick up the pace at the same time – depending on which part of the city you choose for yourself.

The hostel where I always stay is an ideal base – it is in the center, yet only 1 km from the club. It costs 335 kroner, which, with Swedish salaries and the wages of the dancers here, is a very attractive price.

I am already looking forward to my next trip to Sweden!

Kate :*

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