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Good Sales – What Should It Look Like?

Hi, gorgeous!

Although in the dancer community, there is so much talk about proper sales techniques that always work, some still repeat mistakes that should be avoided at all costs!

First and foremost, you must realize that YOU are responsible for how the sales process goes. It may be difficult at first, but with each subsequent dance purchased by the customer – you increase your experience and abilities.

You know from experience – you like to buy, but… not necessarily be persuaded to buy. THEREFORE: start by changing your attitude. Don’t pretend to be a stiff store employee who memorizes a formula and repeats it to everyone. Be creative, and make the sale subtly, almost imperceptibly.

Make the customer aware that they did not buy it because you persuaded them – they bought it because they wanted to.

In sales, persistence in achieving the goal is important. Don’t give up after the first “no,” but also don’t be pushy. The golden mean between these two is your success. You will hear “no” from many customers because not everyone realizes that they want to buy a dance from you, and others drag out the conversation just to talk to you for as long as possible, but you know – you don’t make the most money from talking 🙂

Give a choice

Maybe you know this. You didn’t want to buy something, but the salesman offered something else, and you saw that you really – WANT IT! It’s called the “two options” principle and involves comparing two favourable offers to each other to show the customer the benefits of both. In 99% of cases, someone decides on one of them. People are like that – they like to decide for themselves. If you give a guy this opportunity, he will take advantage of it quickly.


The last thing is closing the sale. If the customer buys a private dance from you and wants more and more after the time has expired – don’t let yourself be used! No freebies – know your worth. Your time is valuable and costs money, make everyone who wants to take advantage of your carelessness or kindness aware of it.

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