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Going abroad without English – is it possible?

“I want to To work abroad, but I don’t know English! Whether to risk leaving the Poland?”. These are the kinds of questions I get extremely often from girls, Who want to work as dancers. And I perfectly understand their doubts and concerns.

I myself was in same place. After 9 years of “learning” English at school, I could barely introduce myself properly. When I went abroad, my The level was tragic, and although I found a job without a problem (and so did you you can!), I quickly decided to up my game. After all, wanting to earn well, You have to be able to tell your boss about it. 😉

Therefore, now, When girls share with me their doubts about working without a language, I have one answer for them: “Don’t panic – you will learn the language on the ground.” I am living proof of this. No magic or exceptional abilities. Abroad you simply get used to the language much faster and you have plenty of opportunities to actually use it. Therefore, with all my heart I encourage myself to go out and jump in at the deep end, especially since you always have a sub hand me-your life jacket.

If you’re still wondering whether you’ll do as well as I did, since you remember practically nothing from your school English lessons, I understand you perfectly. However, the girls of Kate’s Diary Agency team are further proof that jumping in at the deep end works! I’ve witnessed a baaar fast development of a foreign language in each of them. And it will be no different in your case. 😉

Without knowledge of the language, but not in the dark

This “leap Into the deep water” is in fact just a figurative term, because yes you will truly never be alone. You can count on my support and that of the rest of the girls From the team. I want you to feel confident as well as safe, that’s why I threw the get into deep water and you don’t have to do it. You already have a paved, straight way.

All The clubs where the dancers go, I checked personally. I have the confidence that perfectly manage in them girls without fluency in the language, because some time ago I was still one of them. I am connected to each place by a certain story and when my dancers ask how I managed to manage so well, I reveal what was the secret of this success. And I will tell you about her, too.

I succeeded because someone believed in me, just gave me a chance. I am a brave and strong woman – I am usually not afraid of anything. However, if it hadn’t been for that chance I got earlier, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today so quickly. And I want to give the same chance to other girls now – it’s my way of saying “thank you.”

Working abroad without knowing the language

Over the past year, I have been preparing interview scripts for you to help you prepare to go abroad and start working. You should study them carefully so you can feel confident from day one. With these scripts, you will avoid awkward silences during a conversation – you will always know when, what to say and how to say it. These are valuable materials that will help you make a great income, so don’t forget to read them carefully.

How do you learn a language? My effective method

Forget about To cram single vocabulary words from an entire dictionary! 😉 In the beginning for little you come in handy. You should care first and foremost about efficient communication and not many synonyms. Therefore, the basic phrases necessary for you to start with will suffice At work. I have prepared a special list of useful expressions that you should learn. The practical phrases themselves, which you will use every day and Thus, you will quickly assimilate them and be able to go one step further. Remember, To spend at least 10 minutes a day studying.

Systematic study of the language will very quickly allow you to rely on yourself, not others. I want you to feel confident and comfortable at work, so I make it as easy as possible for you to walk the road to full independence. This will allow you to handle everyday issues yourself, such as signing a contract or talking to your boss. Take matters into your own hands! 😉

Another important thing is to exercise your tongue at every opportunity. Talk to people on the street, a cashier in a store – give yourself opportunities to grow. I Even if it doesn’t work out for you – don’t give up. With time and subsequent attempts it will only get better! The most important thing is to break through the internal resistance and act. This scheme was effective in my case and also worked well for others girls from Kate’s Diary Agency. It will definitely work for you as well!

You already know that finding a job in a foreign country without knowing the language is actually possible And not that difficult at all. However, it is best for you and the height of your earnings will start catching up as soon as possible and use to of this every opportunity (including my help). 😉

Then you’ll really feel how great it can be to travel and work in different cities in Europe – complete freedom and independence. Your life in your hands. 😉

Catherine Hajduk :*

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