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Girls are sexy, clients naughty and the owners…?

In my stories, I very often talk about girls (dancers) and their clients. If you read my blog frequently, for sure you’re familiar with their lives, thoughts and priorities. While writing a text I feel like I go back again to the place I describe. Sounds and pictures come back and after a little while I realize that there’s something missing…

Hardly ever do I tell you about owners of the clubs, without whom al this business wouldn’t exist! It may seem a bit boring, but… actually, it’s quite the opposite. 😉 Keep on reading to discover their colorful personalities.

The Lives of Club Owners

Long nights and short days – owners have exactly the same lifestyle as bartenders or dancers. When you live like this, it’s very easy to separate yourself from the social life: when people like us come back home, the rest of the world wakes up and starts their job. When we are working, they enjoy their free time. Taking care of a night club is a huge responsibility and it requires 100% of your attention. Does it mean it’s not pleasant to work like this? Not really 😉 I’ve met some incredible people, who break these patterns: the owners, who at the same time keep an eye on their club and actively take part in social events.

As a Bartender

During my travel to Oslo, Norway, I met a man, who has run his club business for 20 years now and each night he stands behind a bar. It’s his own way for participating in the venue’s life and get to know his guests.

So, I asked him how it’s possible for him to keep this constant motivation for work after so many years. He looked surprised.

“Motivation? Every night here is distinct and amazing. I have to watch out not to come to the club too early!”

As a Dancer

Sweden has shocked me many times, and the club in Gothenburg was not an exception. I arranged a meeting there with the owner to talk with her about working conditions for my girls. It was a weekday, few guests, and I wanted to come here at this time on purpose, to see how the club functions.

While our conversation, she apologized kindly for a while and went to a pole just to give a 3-minute incredible dance show. Then she came back to me, and, because of my astonished gaze, she explained briefly:

“I dance with my girls from time to time. It’s my passion, which doesn’t allow me to forget that this dance is a very demanding and hard job.”

Then I knew that I want to work with this woman.

No Limits

In Munich I got to know more people that have changed my view on the dancing business. A man has owned his club for 14 years and his wife has been working there as a dancer all the time. An extremely open couple, which doesn’t submit to social conventions. They’re simply happy to live their own lives. Meeting them was another important lesson for me.

The world of night clubs is certainly abundant and bustling. I observed it from a very close perspective almost every day and now I see it as a kind of reality show. The show, that you can stop looking at.

Kate :*

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