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As we know, appearance is one of the most important attributes for strippers. Right make-up, shape, heels, and clothing, which the last has to turn on our client. It’s quite often a big concern for newbies and I wrote a few articles about it, in which I mentioned about most important elements and shared a few pieces of advice. But today, I want to focus not on what pieces you should wear but on where you can find them. There are many different shops, with different qualities and different prices. I will focus on a few popular sites to help you pick your “uniform” : )


I know I know… Shein has a lot of enemies and the same number of fans. I know that mother nature would slap me in the face for recommending this site, but in my opinion, buying here from time to time won’t kill nobody : )

We all know that quality is relevant to price, but I have seen my friends in lingerie from Shein, and if they wouldn’t tell me where they bought it, I would never figure it out. The range of selection is incredible and you can find all of them in full size (but be careful, sizes can be different than usual). 


I’m sure you saw this chain many times, but would you think of picking lingerie there? Silk bathrobes that you can remove on stage, beautiful lace bodies, and even stockings! You will find all of it, between regular clothes that you pass every day. The range of colors is wide, but the most common are black, red, and white. There are also a lot of more “outstanding” add-ons like sequins, crystals, and leather elements. If you are not in a hurry and you have it around – come on and get in – you will be surprised: )


So, if we are in that loop, we can not forget about the chain store that you probably have around. Furthermore, because of their small size, you are always in the spotlight so they will offer help to make a choice and pick the right size (they are also brafitters). From my experience, I can recommend stockings, nylons, and fishnets because they are durable like any other.


Diabolique is famous because of its quality. It was love at the first sight. I wanted to buy everything and I couldn’t decide if I should choose a sensual and seductive lingerie set or a mysterious and sexy mask. With a wide selection, you can buy harnesses, bodies, silk robes, or whole sets. It’s one of my favorite boutiques and you should trust Diabolique, you are not gonna be disappointed.


Quite similar to the previous one. Complete sets are breathtaking and besides that, you can find slimming lingerie, that will highlight your shape. As I said, their sets of lingerie are amazing, and I’m a big fan of it. These bits, materials… there are really a lot of these kits, with a variety of colors, styles, and add-ons. Definitely recommended!


I know how it sounds. App for used clothing to buy lingerie? Of course, I’m not gonna recommend worn underwear, you can find a lot of brand-new stockings, stockings, lace gloves, harnesses, stockings, masks, chockers, and light covers, right here. All you need to do is make sure that the size is right and make your order, which takes less than a minute. 

So if you becoming a stripper or want to fulfill your wardrobe with sexy lingerie – try these recommendations. I’m sure that everyone can find something for themselves to make themselves feel sexy and confident.

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