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From what will you get a high commission? – Discover the tricks of a professional dancer!

Not all clubs are equal. In Poland, very often you don’t receive a fixed salary for the night; your earnings come mainly from tips and sales commissions. By collaborating with me and going abroad, you can be sure that a stable income will always be part of the agreement. I can confidently say that you earn TWICE as much with me. You receive your daily or weekly rate regularly, along with very generous commissions.

You should know that the sum of tips is often much larger than your salary. But to receive those tips, you must make an effort. I’ll share with you some tips for earning extra money quickly 😀

Get familiar with the menu and suggest the best drinks and champagnes

You need to know what your club has to offer. During your rounds, your task is to encourage as many customers as possible to make a purchase. This way, you can earn a substantial amount of tips in a short time. It’s not a difficult task, it only requires a bit of commitment and willingness. Drinks come in various prices and flavors – at this point, your knowledge about the specific customer comes into play, and you can act accordingly 🙂

Private dance – your chance to double or even triple your earnings!

Only dancers who have successfully sold private dances know the true potential they hold. Private dances have always been my favorite way to earn extra cash, from tips. You should know that this form of dance is highly valued in clubs, and for good reason! Private dances offer:

An opportunity to spend one-on-one time with a dancer A chance to get to know the stripper or dance techniques better The possibility of earning a significant amount of money in just a few minutes

Private dances evoke a lot of emotions. Customers love the opportunity to spend a few minutes alone with a beautiful dancer they can admire. Prices for selling such dances vary greatly, but as I mentioned before – in the hierarchy of a dancer’s earnings, they offer the fastest income.

These two methods for making extra money are truly effective, and if you master all the marketing aspects, you’ll quickly manage to save a substantial amount of money. You can check out my previous article where I share my tricks! Marketing tricks in the stripping industry.

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