Kate's Diary

From the main hall, to the locker room, to the private life of a club dancer

If you were to ask me what I like best about my business travels, I would have one definite answer: talking to dancers in clubs. The girls then let me see the world through their eyes. They provide a unique opportunity to immerse myself in a reality I had never seen and didn’t know existed.

The world of the club dancer is often incorrectly perceived by those around her. The girls face different perceptions of their work, but many opinions show a lack of understanding. It is, among other things. This approach inspires me to keep going and develop Kate’s Diary Agency, in which I show the life of a dancer as it really is. As I travel, I document in my head every face and every story told to me. And then I share it with you.

The world of club dancers

Each of the girls she meets is a unique personality: with her own story, mystery and dreams, which step by step she turns into concrete plans. For some of them, the club is a break from the monotonous everyday life. For two evenings a week, they change their faces and realize themselves on a different plane. The second, more numerous group are girls, for whom the club is the beginning of something new, a starting point for the realization of plans that have always lacked courage.

However, this is only part of their world. In addition to the evenings spent at work, there is daily life: relationships, families, passions and travel. The dancer lives exactly like you: you may meet her at a neighboring table in a cafe, pass her at the mall or see her playing with her dog in the park.

And it wouldn’t even cross your mind that this girl pole dances in the evenings. 😉 This is due to the mistaken image of the dancer in the eyes of the public, which attributes specific personality traits, appearance and behavior to her. Most often completely different from reality.

A different perspective

The world of club dancers touches my soul personally. This is why I correct misjudgments and share my observations. Every trip is a bag of new experiences: cultural, emotional and physical. I am struck by the sincerity of the girls I talk to: they are open, friendly and not shy about talking about their work. It is because of them that I can really get to know this world. Looking at everything from a completely different perspective, as an “outsider,” I come to one conclusion: the life of a club dancer is strikingly intense and fascinating. Not only through their difference, but also through the girls themselves: brave, determined and mentally strong. Women who consciously shape their future.

Kate :*

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