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From idea to implementation – the first steps of Kate’s Diary

Ideas are quickly born and quickly extinguished. Think about it, how many times have you thought about doing something – at first you felt a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and after time everything slowly went away?

In this way, many great ideas are lost because their authors or authors lack the determination to implement them. When the idea of Kate’s Diary Agency germinated in my head, I decided that I would not let it go into oblivion. I shared my business idea, and a way of life, with my friend. And it was from him that I heard the words that made me bolder. The words that accompany me every day as I take my plans step by step: there is no better time than NOW. And you remember them too! 🙂

When, fed with courage and wrapped in words of support from my true friend, I made the decision to quit my job, I felt strong. I bought my first plane ticket to Austria, to the city of Ischgl – not for the winter pleasure of skiing, but for the realization of a dream that shyly constantly reminded me of myself. I wanted to create a real agency like Kate’s Diary is today. An agency that will show girls new opportunities and ways to live. An agency that will support them in realizing their dreams – just as I realized mine.

Work at major European events

My mission

In Poland, I ran a diet and coaching company for 5 years: www.khhajduk.pl. The idea for the Agency originated in Copenhagen, when I slowly began to yearn to help and support other women’s problems again. I felt that my experience and knowledge, could help many more girls. Now I know that my intuition was not wrong.

Walking to work, I passed dozens of nightclubs every day. My entrepreneurial instincts told me that this is where I could start working with women: every club needs girls to work, so I would take care of finding the right people. I shared the idea with my friend, who immediately pledged his support, and it was with him that I went to the first meeting with the club owner.

The decision turned out to be a hit! The owner partnered with me, and in order to get to know the nightclub from the inside, I held my friend’s birthday party there. I had the opportunity to see how the girls work and what the principles of the establishment are based on. At the time, I spoke with dancers of various nationalities ranging in age from 20 to 38. It was a very valuable experience. I met women who I associate with exceptional femininity, the art of seduction, remarkable movement and awareness of every movement. That’s what I used to think and that’s what I think today.

I am currently working with more than a dozen clubs across Europe, and I meet amazing women every day. Now that I can look back on everything, I think the decision to open Kate’s Diary Agency was one of the most valuable and important moments in my life.

Kate :*

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