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From a Hostesses to a Dancers

Working in the club is full of opportunities to earn money in various positions. Each of them provides earnings adequate to the work performed, what’s more, each is needed. We complement each other by creating a small club community where Everyone has their niche. Many girls, however, decide to earn more money in easier ways, through the promotion from a hostess or bartender to a dancer.

Level up…

Hostess for starters

For girls who are just starting their adventure with nightlife, such work is a great opportunity to get used to the mode of work in the club. They learn calmly typical conversations with customers, learn about the methods of selling champagnes (these are their main source of income, although very often they are also provided with a fix salary from the club – 80 to 100 Euro per night), and most importantly, they have time to define theirs limits and getting to know the specifics of the club they work for. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about accommodation, clubs often provide girls  accommodation for free. However, 100% of the tips they receive can cover the cost of cosmetics, self-care or new dresses; p Their job is to appear in it and look pretty. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? You don’t have to discover your body, even better if you wear a sexy cocktail dress, that creates an aura of mystery and leaves what it hides in the sphere of male imaginations. Shoes can be a minus, because they are usually elegant high heels, but if you find a comfortable model, the problem disappears. Hostess work also gives you time to learn how to drink or cleverly dispose of champagnes bought by customers at the club, that skill is always useful ;p.

When dancing gives more …

The decision to work as a dancer is often determined by larger earnings. Most importantly, beginner dancers do not have to be masters of the dance pool, it is enough that they can sensually move around the pole, figures and experience come with time, when you want to improve your dance skills for yourselves. For me, learning new things each time gives me joy and satisfaction. The efficiency of the dancer’s work is always raised by her outfit. When a man sees you in a tempting bodysuit or sexy lingerie, He forgets about the prices of champagne and wonders how to spend time with you. Money flows in streams to you also in form of tips and percentage of private dances.

Comfortable shoes are also an advantage. “Glasses” can be terrifying with their height, however, thanks to a properly adapted platform and non-slip sole it provides comfort and stability. True, dancers sometimes pay for accommodation, but the money is ridiculous compared to their earnings, which monthly range from 5,000 to 20,000 Euro. When you learn properly talking to clients you can earn even more, a lot depends also on luck, but as they say: sky’s the limit.

Freedom of choice

The best thing about working in the club is that you decide how much and how you earn. Each option gives you different possibilities, but important is to create your own unique style of work. You can do everything your way (e.g. directly ask the customer for a tip, or adopt an inaccessible pose so that he can use his money to win you over). You choose what position and under what conditions you want to work, because yours life is made by your choices.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer. Remember, I am here to help, support and guide. My knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

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