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1. Should you become a stripper?

Contrary to popular belief, not all strippers are young, perfect-looking women. In fact, strippers range in age from 18 to 50 with a variety of figures.

2. What is a dancer’s job in a strip club?

Talking to customers is also part of the dancer’s job. After the show, the girls sit at tables and interact with the club’s guests. This creates another opportunity to earn money. Customers buy drinks for the dancers and the dancers receive a certain % (the amount depends on the club) of the sales each time. Champagnes are particularly financially beneficial.
Private dances – Customers can ask the girls for a private dance – whether the dancer agrees is entirely up to her. This is why the earlier stages: showcasing dance skills and establishing rapport with guests are so important. They are the ones that determine whether you will have the opportunity to perform a private dance and thus earn really high wages. You can also offer private shows to clients yourself – here it is all about confidence.

3. What is the right outfit to choose for club work?

Choose something red, pink or white (if the club is UV) to catch the attention of customers. These are eye-catching colours, so it’s a great way to stand out from other dancers Choose a pink top and bottoms covered by a tight red or white dress. If you don’t have a styling idea, email me! I know designers who make outfits/creatures specifically for strippers.
Choose an undergarment/costume that will be easy to pull off – If you start dancing in a dress or full costume. You need to pay attention to whether it is easy and quick to pull off. For example, instead of zips and buttons, choose outfits with snaps and Velcro fastenings.

4. What if you don’t have anything at home that is suitable for a first show?

If you don’t want to buy new dancewear, ask if the club has any interesting pieces or outfits that you can borrow on a one-off basis.

5. What shoes should you choose that you feel confident in?

An unruly fall or slip during your first show can affect your performance and, most importantly, your wellbeing. Make sure you choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable and that make you feel sexy. You can wear high heels/heels. For starters, look for shoes with non-slip soles. They usually have rubber bottoms that will provide extra grip on stage. I recommend buying the so-called “glass” brand “Pleaser Shoes”, these shoes are designed, just for pole dancing.

6. What’s the right choice of nickname to get stuck in?

It is best to avoid popular stripper names such as Blanka, Agnes, Candy or Alis. Instead, choose a sexy-sounding name that also appears to be your real name. It can be anything as long as it is not your real name. This will help protect your privacy. For example, if you want a name that starts with ‘O’, you could choose Olivia, Octavia or Ola. If you want something that starts with ‘K’, Klara or Karo.

7. What music do you choose to dance to?

If you have the option in the club to choose a song as much as possible do it! This will make you feel more comfortable during the show. Try to choose two songs one faster and one slower. Prepare two choreographies for yourself. This way when you enter the club you will feel the vibe and it will be easier to decide what style you want to dance in tonight. Find out if you can choose your own song at the club or if there is just a predetermined playlist.

8. How to dance at your first night at the club?

Perform simple movements that any of us can do. This is an easy movement you can add while dancing to show off your assets. In this case, the legs and the bottom. Stand with your legs slightly extended leaning with your back against the tube, place your hands on your knees. Then slowly walk downwards. Then return in the same way. You should have the tube between your buttocks. Once you are on straight legs lean forward. Try to perform this movement while facing your clients to give them a full view from the front, and at the same time from the side.

9. Private dances

Clients can ask the girls for a private dance – whether the dancer agrees is entirely up to her. This is why the earlier stages: presenting your dancing skills and establishing a relationship with your guests are so important. They are the ones that determine whether you will have the opportunity to perform a private dance and thus earn really high wages. You can also offer private shows to clients yourself – here it is all about confidence, and if you are now wondering how to perform such a dance in a private room, I have a few tips for you.
First of all, start your preparations during a conversation over drinks: ask about preferences, moves, which of your dances he liked best, etc. This way you gain an advantage right from the start, because you don’t have to guess what a man likes and what doesn’t turn him on at all. Also, while you’re dancing, observe his reactions to the different positions by keeping constant eye contact with him. You will quickly sense what he likes best.

10. How do you do your make-up and style your hair?

You know what hairstyle and make-up looks best for you, but a few simple strategies can help you stand out more. Some things you can try overnight are:
Wearing false eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger. Most men find long lashes sexy.
Choose red lipstick to draw attention to your lips. This will make your lips instantly noticeable, which can help attract a client’s attention.
Style your hair loose and wavy to make it look like you just got out of bed. This will give you a sexy and natural look.
Remember to get a manicure and pedicure. Neat hands and feet are very important.

11. Do problems arise in the club among the dancers?

The girls in the club are open, friendly and always ready to help. No matter what kind of working environment you have, there has been, is and will continue to be a healthy rivalry everywhere, which scionally motivates you to perform even more effectively. In this case, that rivalry starts with which dancer is the first to catch the attention of a potential client. These are women who are self-conscious, do not feel discriminated against and do not feel competition among dancers.

12. What is the issue of drinking alcohol at the club?

Staying sober is a very important issue! You need to control what is happening around you at work! You can’t afford to be out of cash flow through no fault of your own! There are dancers who will have a drink once in a while and manage it very well.

13. Do I have to be a professional dancer to work in a club?

You don’t need to have dance experience or skill. It’s a good idea to watch other girls’ performances to get an idea of what a good show looks like.

14. Do I have to have the perfect body to be a stripper?

The misconception is that you have to have a perfect body to be a stripper! In reality, strippers come in a variety of shapes: long legs, large breasts, small bottoms, etc.

15. How to do a private striptease?

First and foremost, your outfit: choose shoes with high heels/cotton heels, yet ones in which you feel and step with confidence. Sexy stockings with garters and a short skirt are also essential. Your breasts should be concealed by a sexy bra. Remember that the whole outfit must be as easy to pull off as possible. After all, you don’t want to start fumbling with a locked clasp or small button in the middle of the show. That would ruin the whole atmosphere. Sensual music to make you feel like a goddess. And finally, the highlight of the show – your performance.

16. Is it possible to travel abroad without English?

Abroad, you just get used to the language a lot quicker and have plenty of opportunities to actually use it. I have personally checked all the clubs the dancers go to. I have confidence that girls without fluency in the language will do very well in them, because some time ago I was still one of them. For the past year I have been preparing interview scripts for you to help you prepare for going abroad and getting started. (Ask me about customer interview scripts).

17. How much does a nightclub dancer earn?

Dancers earn in 3 ways (simultaneously) and how much money they get is basically up to them. There is no glass ceiling here, experienced girls can make up to several thousand zloty in one night.

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