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Few questions to the stripper that you were too afraid to ask

Praca striptizerki i nurtujące Cię pytania
  1. How are the clients?

They are just regular guys, who want to relax in good company and with a great atmosphere. Or just people who need to talk with somebody. For some reason, some people are more open-minded to strangers, maybe because they think that they don’t have anything to lose if they won’t meet again.

There are 3 types of clients. First, “Big Fish” is a client with class and cash. These are very wealthy people who look for a great place and an even better company, to spend their money. So if he comes to your club, he is not counting money and party hard. If he took fancy to you, he won’t mind taking you to some fancy diner, a great concert or expensive shopping. And don’t get me wrong, they don’t look for “something more” if you know what I mean. They are just looking for a good time and nothing more. Next one – Mr Cuddles. This one is a usual client, who needs some attention because of loneliness or ended a relationship. They are coming from time to time and after a few drinks, they ask for a private dance. I’m not calling this type of client “Mr Cuddles” because he clings to you (ofc. that happens too) but because you want to cuddle him, after their sad and heartbreaking stories. The last type of client is a regular dude after a few drinks, who also want to relax after a long shift or after a long stay at the army camp.

  1. Have you ever felt in danger?

Of course not. You have guaranteed protection and security, even in private rooms, because every club with respect and prestige, can’t afford to lose the trust of clients. No one with class and money will visit a club, where perverts cling to girls. For this reason, security is very important and anyone who breaks the rules, won’t stay at the club for long. 

  1. For what are you allowed and what are off-limits with the client?

Rules can be very different and every club have their own. Also countries, quite often establish these things by law. So this matter is very dependent on rules and the best way to get to know them is just to ask your boss or other dancers. There is nothing bad about it.

Praca striptizerki i nurtujące Cię pytania
  1. Could I put together being a stripper and having a relationship?

Why not? It is a regular job, and there is nothing bad about it. None of the relationships didn’t last for long without trust and it doesn’t matter if you work as a stripper or teacher. You can cheat on somebody even at church so if you are not doing anything wrong, how your partner could have a right to be jealous? 

  1. What do you do, when your client is looking for something more?

I had a lot of clients, who were searching for more than just a dance, during my career. It is nothing wrong if the client is polite and it’s a regular question. It proves, that you are stunning women, who attract clients. Honestly, I would be worried if clients wouldn’t ask for these things from time to time. You only have to be polite and say that you are not interested. That’s it.

  1. Are your clients get rejected often?

I’m not refusing of giving a private dance to somebody, who is obeying the rules and is not violating my comfort zone. I’m not interested in who you are, how you look and how old are you if you respect me and my rules. Of course, a few very wasted or disrespectful clients have met with a refusal. But it’s very, very rare.

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