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Few crucial dancer rules

Rules are meant to be…

…followed. Really! People around us want to change us for the “best”. What’s best for us or them? You can’t be a puppet and you can’t let someone change you at its sole discretion. Each of you needs to set clear goals and rules for your shift, such as what is acceptable and what will not be acceptable. Your boss is offering you bizarre propositions that you don’t want to take (i never heard of any example like that, certainly abroad)? Report it to your agency and stand your ground! You are the only one who knows what is best for you and what is not. If you change your mind, GO ON GIRL! But it has to be your own decision, not your agency, boss or family. Establish your border and don’t cross it. You are the boss of your body.

Striptease is a job, not a lifestyle

What does it mean? You can’t let it affect your life since it is just a job like any other. If your job will influence your private life, consider if it’s worth it. Many people are not telling the whole truth to their family, not without a reason. If your surrounding is not accepting your source of income, there are plenty of other ways than cutting all of the ties. You can tell them that you got a fantastic job offer as a waitress, bartender or any other job that you had before. A job right now is much more desirable because of a special proposal from a friend or friend of a friend. There are many possibilities, it is just a matter of your creativity. On the other hand, it works the same from an employee’s perspective. After each work day, you have a life of your own, so you cannot depend on a club for your well-being. Your boss can’t expect that you will spend a whole day at the club, and ruin your plans because of an extra shift that you don’t want to take. Dancing is a job, and nothing more.

Am I good enough to…? Yes.

Many girls ask themselves this question because of many insecurities. They are wondering if they are good enough, young enough or if their shapes and looks are acceptable for a stripper. Stop these. You’re not too old, there are no age limits. I worked with 18-year girls and also with women after 40. Years don’t matter if you look good and feel the same. As well, you are not required to adjust your look or shape, but if you want to, go ahead. Everything depends on your view and if you feel comfortable about yourself, no one should push you to do anything you don’t like. Clients have various tastes. You will fit in if you are confident about yourself. 

To sum up: rules are meant to be followed and you have to make them. From my perspective, these 3 are solid ideas to start with. Don’t let anyone put pressure on you or force you into anything. If you feel confident and sexy, you are good enough to be and your point of view is most important. That’s it.

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