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Exclusive pole dancing – Exotic Pole Dance

Hey girls!!!

My last article was related to today’s topic. I mentioned shoes made for Exotic Pole Dance. But what is it? 

Exotic Pole Dance, also known as pole dancing, is a dynamic and exciting art form that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and gymnastics – as in Pole Dance. Contrary to the traditional perception of pole dancing as erotic, Exotic Pole Dance is gaining popularity as a sophisticated form of self-expression, requiring strength, flexibility and elegance. In short, – Exotic Pole Dance is slowly transforming into a sport and gaining approval from fitness professionals! Exotic Pole Dance is also distinguished by its attire – the dancers wear high platform stilettos (so-called glasses/pleasers)

A bit of history

Exotic Pole Dance has its roots in the centuries-old traditions of pole dancing, which originate from various cultures around the world! The first references to this dance date back to ancient times. In India, known as ‘Mallakhamb’ they were practised as a form of gymnastics and art from as early as the 13th century. In China, on the other hand, acrobatic dance demonstrations on bamboo poles were popular.

However, modern Exotic Pole Dance, as we know it today, originated mainly from American culture. Initially popular in nightclubs, pole dancing evolved in the 1980s and 1990s to become a more artistic and gymnastic performance. As interest in this form of dance grew, competitions and workshops began to be organised, which contributed to the recognition of Exotic Pole Dance as a sport.

What makes up Exotic Pole Dance?

Exotic Pole Dance combines a variety of elements that require both strength and flexibility. Dancers perform impressive figures, using arms, back and abdominal strength to perform dynamic spins, acrobatic tricks and figures. The combinations of dance, spins and jumps create a good show!

In Exotic Pole Dance, apart from the technique, great importance is placed on styling and expressing emotions. The dancers try to express their individuality and personality through movements, gestures and facial expressions. Costumes, make-up and accessories also play a crucial role in creating the right mood and artistic vision.

I recommend this form of dance to you as a body workout. In addition to this, you will acquire skills that are useful for dancing in a club!

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