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Everything you have to know about the lap dance!

I’m sure you heard about one of the most popular types of erotic dance, namely “lap dance”. It’s just another type of dance, directed to encourage clients’ imagination (and not only imagination), in which the dancer makes parts of sexy and sensual moves, sitting very, very close to a man, to be more specific, on his lap. Even if it’s very common and associated with nightclubs, you can also use it beside scene, for example, in your bedroom. There are no strict rules about your behaviour, moving or wearing during a lap dance. Feel and be yourself and let yourself lead. If you aren’t natural, your moves won’t be natural either. So feel comfortable and, most important, feel sexy.

Let yourself feel better.

Like I said earlier, you have to be natural. So which music will be the best? The best music is the most relaxing music that will fit you. What about an outfit? The one that makes you confident and sexy will also be the best. It’s not about if these things are good or bad. It’s only about if these things make you feel good or bad. If you want to be the best dancer, you have to feel like the best dancer. If you look tight and insecure, you will make him embarrassed against horny. And no one wants that, right? So chill out and prepare everything earlier, including you. You won’t be one if you don’t feel like a goddess. Play and get to know your songs, let your body lead and let it be free.

When you feel more confident, repeat these moves that you will test later. Try on your seductive outfit and take a look at this. Imagine yourself walking toward him, whether it’s your client or your man, in rhythm to this music, and make sure that this image in your head is exactly what you want and expect. If you ask me, I can recommend trying high heels and suitable clothes. The best clothes will be the ones you can easily take off and show sexy lingerie that you hide underneath. First, it will make you feel like a confident and sensual temptress, and second, when you show your hidden “treasure”, he will be surprised. Prepare romantic candles, atmospheric lights, and other things to help set the right mood. If you complete these things, I’m sure you will feel like a very confident seductress and give him the best of you.

What if push comes to shove?

Then, you should set some principles. I’m not saying that you should make a whole bunch of lists, but a few basic rules will help both of you keep comfortable. If it’s not gonna make him tight and stressed, it’s time to get down to business. Get closer and closer to him while dancing and creating tension between both of you. Take off the other parts of the clothes, and when you are ready and close to him, sit on his lap and just show him what you got. That’s it. The most significant part is based on your creativity and imagination, so you are key to your own success. 

In conclusion, a lap dance is not black magic or something like that so you can move your client’s or man’s passionate dreams from imagination to reality. Just be yourself and feel passionate and seductive. There you go! You have a perfect evening recipe that will surely impress your client or your man.

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