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Do I have to agree on all dance propositions?

The answer to this question could be simply put as NO.

 You don’t have to dance for everyone. Know why?

 Some people who come to your club can be… problematic. You can easily spot them.

 I can tell you that in these years of dancing, I’ve had to deal with really diverse people! From wealthy businessmen to cute corporate employees, and lovely couples. I quickly understood that it was not worth wasting my energy on unpleasant people who just come to the club to cause trouble.

Fortunately, such people are few and far between, but occasionally they do show up.

 I once experienced a situation when a group of businessmen came to the club. To be honest, I thought they would be classy people. It turned out to be otherwise.

You should remember that it’s you who decides who you are going to pay attention to. Even if there are not many people in the club, respect your time and don’t bother with someone who seems to be uncouth from the start.

 Clubs are safe places and the people who come to them are often great conversationalists. I write this post as a warning for you to always respect yourself and to know that you have a choice, for whom you

Yours Kate :*

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