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Difference between polish and European clients

Hmmm… It’s coming with only one answer: MONEY! If you are living in Poland, you know how tough it is to survive with an average salary. Costs of living are rising when you are earning still the same. That’s why earning in other currencies is such an advantage. Don’t fool yourself; getting paid euros is more profitable when you work the same amount of time.


Working at the Polish club, I always preferred clients from abroad. Finns, Norwegians or Asians are much better clients when you compare them with broke, polish fellas. Foreigners have completely other tastes for the party. They are very generous; they don’t care about money and don’t count every penny. They have fun and buy everything they want without even checking the price. Meanwhile, polish people order one beer and sip it for the rest of the night, watching a show without financial commitment. Of course, it doesn’t mean that every polish guy acts like that, but the exception supports the rule.

Piece of advice

You cant work with foreigners without learning the English language. You are doing it passively, which is incredibly important when you decide to work abroad. If you meet a client like that, you must be very focused and try your best in every possible way. And I didn’t mean trying to remind basic vocabulary that you had at elementary school but also tools like the internet and Google Translator! It seems obvious, but in a situation like that, not everyone thinks about that. We live during wonderful, favourable times to earn big money so we should take as much as possible.

What else? Knowing exciting facts about the city and country where you live is worthwhile. Impress him and have some fun together so he won’t leave you quickly. Show interest in his country and language; letting him be your teacher will make him proud and raise his ego.

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