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Men strip

Hello, girls!  If any of you have ever been to a bachelorette party, there is a chance that you met a guy who, dressed as a police officer, performed a striptease for the future bride. If you haven’t witnessed such a situation, you’ve probably seen such a show in a movie. What’s the deal with …

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date like never before

Date like never before

If you have experience with dancing, you’ve probably encountered a couple in a club. Perhaps they even bought a private dance. If your adventure with strip dancing is beginning, there’s a chance that reading the title of this article made you feel confused – a date in a strip club?! It may seem strange, but …

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Get dress up to show

Get dres up to show

Hey! As we know, appearance is one of the most important attributes for strippers. Right make-up, shape, heels, and clothing, which the last has to turn on our client. It’s quite often a big concern for newbies and I wrote a few articles about it, in which I mentioned about most important elements and shared …

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