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Date like never before

If you have experience with dancing, you’ve probably encountered a couple in a club. Perhaps they even bought a private dance. If your adventure with strip dancing is beginning, there’s a chance that reading the title of this article made you feel confused – a date in a strip club?! It may seem strange, but I would like to explain this topic to You and list the advantages of going to a strip club as a couple. 

Going to a club – going on a “hunt”?  

Would you allow your partner to go to a club alone if you were in a relationship? I’m sure that just the thought of it makes you feel anxious. Lots of beautiful, provocatively dressed women. Champagne flowing. Neon lights. Sexy girls dancing. Singles can resist the temptation, but a guy in a relationship… can take his girlfriend with him! 

Overcoming jealousy 

Jealousy is often the main reason why women don’t let their guys go to clubs. Completely unnecessarily! There’s nothing to worry about – especially since these days 99% of men watch adult films… Think of it this way: to Him, the dancer means nothing – she’s just a beautiful-looking stripper that you can admire too! I may surprise you, but it has been proven that women are attracted to other women’s bodies. It’s normal – after all, we are all beautiful 🙂 

I guarantee you that going to a club with your boyfriend has many advantages. Strengthening the bond and trust between the two of you. In addition to that – igniting new passion, experiencing an exciting adventure with your partner, and who knows – performing a dance for Him in the bedroom? 

As with many clubs, so many rules

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that each club has its own rules. Unfortunately, there are some that women – as customers – cannot enter. However, if you do manage to serve a couple, you need to approach them properly. It is known that the guy usually pays for drinks. Try to talk to such a guy and make him buy drinks for both of you, or even better, let the three of you drink together. Remember to make the guy’s girlfriend, from whom you want to get some money, feel comfortable with the situation. If you sense that she is not confident and may leave the club out of anger later – first establish a relationship with her. Treat her like a friend, chat for a bit, and everything will come in time. 

As a dancer, I can say that serving a couple is an interesting experience. It happened to me often and I’m no longer surprised by the fact that couples spend their date in clubs. 

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