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Dancing onstage – show off your movement and alluring gaze

Stage is your earning tool. In some clubs, dancers are required to appear on a stage from time to time, so that they cannot earn from lap dance during this time. In others, quite the opposite: dancing on a stage can be very profitable, and a client will only ask you for a private dance if he sees you dancing in public first. It doesn’t matter what kind of club you work in.
It’s important to remember that the basis is your positive attitude to performing onstage. A good dance can give you lots of opportunities, and a bad one… well, it often crosses the chances of making money that evening. Most men REALLY WANT to see a girl in action before asking her to a VIP room. They will watch your show to assess if you like them. Think of it as a “free preview” – you may not earn on it, but it’s definitely a great advertisement. You stand infront of people and show what you c an do. If you get a tip, you can suggest “If you think it was good, then I have to take you to the VIP room to show you really good stuff”.

Keep eye contact with the audience, smile seductively and show the best of yourself. Even if there are only 3 people in the club, do not worry or look bored, checking your watch every moment. You must take care of your audience. Customers complain over and over that dancers are not focusing on their clients. “This girl looks like she’s dying of boredom.” “She looks in the mirror more than at me.” Even if you do not pay close attention to customers, even just because you are shy – it’s still no excuse. They perceive it as your lack of attention and commitment.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer or a pole queen, but you have to move somehow. Remember this is a SHOW! You don’t have to make quick moves or crawl if you don’t want to. Just try to add some pirouettes to your performance, maybe a little sashay (a kind of proud step of a model, for example) instead of just walking. Put some elements that will emphasize your sensuality onstage. Try not to go directly from one pole to another, or from a pole to the

A way for two songs on stage

Dance seductively, catching eye contact with all the men who are looking at you. The idea is to make customers think that you are interested in them. Don’t focus only on one person. This way, you have the chance to get tips from a larger group of people. In addition, you can then evaluate customers and choose those, who are most interested and generous. Find a guy who is ready to spend the most money on you. And then, in the second song, be even sexier! You know more or less who in the audience is your target, so focus on it. Give him a lot of meaningful glances, keep eye contact, and when it comes to removing clothes – do it right in front of him and in a very appealing way. Remember, EYES, LOOKS, and EYE CONTACT are very important! If you do everything right, your goal is to give a small private show just for him, and he will be more willing to buy more dances from you. And when you get off the stage, you know what to do…

What to do when there are two songs left to enter the stage?

I often find out that I’m going to dance only 2-3 songs before the show. If I don’t need to improve my makeup or go to the toilet, instead of getting bored, I spend this time actively. I approach EVERYONE at the bar, saying, “Hi, I’m… and what’s your name?” And try to remember the names! “I would like to talk to you longer, but in a moment I have a stage performance. I’d like only to say hello to everyone here before I go. I hope you’ll enjoy my show. I’ll come back later and ask you, ok?” And then I leave. Try to approach everyone lik that. I guarantee that you will get a much larger tip thanks to this. In addition, it’s a good chance to sell a VIP dance! If your new friends come to the stage, welcome them by name: “Hey Tom, it’s cool you came!” – Then while dancing – “Do you like my dance?” – dance dance dance – collect tips – “You should see what I can when I’m with someone in private… “- alluring smile -” Will you let me find you and we’ll spend some time alone?”

How to handle dancing for a tip?

In many clubs it is accepted that when a client approaches the railing to give you a tip, he expects you to dance something especially for him. Keep calm! Look deep into his eyes for a few seconds, during which you keep dancing without ceasing to look at the client. Stop, pull the string of your thongs; accept money, smile temptingly, thank, and slowly leave. Be gentle, sensual and ALWAYS classy. Remember, this is not just about a few customers at the railing, but all those sitting in the club who are looking at you now. If you give a good show, you’ll convince them that they’ll be happy if they ask you for a private dance. Don’t be tacky or kitschy on stage. Be sexy and appealing, but don’t forget who YOU ARE.

If someone gives you a tip once, just thank him nicely. But if it does it for a second time – take the chance and sell the dance! If the client gives you a tip several times during one show, say to him: “It would be wonderful to have you in private” or something similar. Don’t give up and set a straight path for selling another private show. By doing so, you “reserve” your client for later.

Always be a lady!

No matter which song you are supposed to dance onstage, do your best. Don’t shout at the DJ. Remember that you are in the sight of all people there. If you want to work with decent customers, behave yourself like a lady.

Shit happens

We are aware that it’s impossible to avoid accidents. Usually, customers don’t care about your little slips, but they pay attention to HOW YOU REACT. Stand up, dust yourself off, don’t be afraid to laugh and finish the show calmly. It’s not about a perfect show, but about a cheerful disposition and the ability to deal with adversities without panic. Complicated figures on the pole or advanced dance can make a great impression on viewers, it works really well to draw attention – especially at the beginning. There are clubs where they have very high poles and if you start climbing to the ceiling – you will definitely attract the eyes of many people. Don’t think that extraordinary skills are NECESSARY to become a stripper; but if you master some of these tricks, they may be handy from time to time. For example, women and young customers often tip higher if they see gymnastic tricks on the stage. However, no acrobatics can replace good sales skills. Even if you decide to make several figures, don’t forget to collect tips for them. I often hear complaints from clients that
these really good strippers forget about their audience and don’t care about it properly. You must remember that without your care and commitment, the club won’t be a source of money for you. You need to earn everything by yourself.

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