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Dancing on stage – advertise yourself with your movement and alluring looks

The stage is your earning tool. In some clubs dancers are required to appear on stage once in a while . In others, dancing on stage can pay off big time, and a client will only ask you to dance privately if they’ve seen you dancing in public before. It doesn’t matter what club you work for. It’s important to remember that the foundation is your positive attitude to dancing on stage. A good dance can give you a lot of opportunities, and a bad one… well, it often derails your chances of earning that evening’s pay.

Maintain eye contact with the audience, smile seductively and show what you can do. Even if there are only 3 people in the club, don’t fret or make a bored face while looking at your watch every now and then. You have to take care of your audience. Customers complain over and over again that the dancers do not focus on their customers. “This girl looks like she is dying of boredom” “She looks more in the mirror than at me.” Even if you don’t pay special attention to customers, just because you’re shy – that’s still no excuse. They perceive it as your lack of attention and involvement.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer or a tube queen, but you do have to move somehow. Remember, this is a SHOW! You don’t have to make quick movements or crawl if you don’t want to. Include some elements in the show that emphasize your sensuality on stage. Try not to go directly from one pipe to another, or from pipe to mirror.

Way to have two songs on stage

Dance alluringly, catching eye contact with all the men who look at you. The idea is to make customers think you are interested in them. Don’t focus solely on one person. This way you have a chance to get tips from a larger group of people. In addition, you can then evaluate customers and choose the most interested .
And then, in the second song be even sexier! You already know more or less who from the audience is your target and focus on them. Throw him many meaningful glances, maintain eye contact. Remember, SIGHT, SIGHT, SIGHT CONTACT are super important!
If you do everything right, your target will think you just gave a little private show just for him:)

What to do when there are two songs left before I go on stage?

It often happens to me that I find out that I will dance 2-3 songs before the performance. If I don’t happen to have to fix my makeup or go to the restroom, instead of being bored, I spend that time actively anyway. I approach EVERY PERSON at the bar, saying: “Hey, my name is … what’s yours?”. Try to remember names! “I’d like to chat with you longer, but I have a performance on stage in a while. I’ll just say hello to everyone here before I go. I hope you enjoy my show. I’ll come back later and ask you, okay?” and then I’ll leave. Try to approach everyone like this. I guarantee you will get a much bigger tip by doing so. Plus, a good chance to sell a VIP dance!
If your new friends come up to the stage, greet them by name: “Hey Tom, cool that you came!” – then dance – “Do you like my dance?” – dance dance dance dance 🙂

Behavior worthy of a lady

No matter what song you have to dance to on stage, give it your all. Don’t yell at the DJ. Remember that you are in plain view of all the people in the premises. If you want to work with decent clients, act like a lady yourself.

Accidents happen

We all know about it. Usually customers don’t care about your little stumbles, but they do pay attention to HOW YOU RESPOND TO THEM. Stand up, shake yourself off, don’t be afraid to SLEEP and calmly finish the show. It’s not about the perfect show, but about a cheerful disposition and the ability to deal with adversity without panic.
Complicated pole figures or advanced dancing can make a great impression on viewers, and it works especially well for getting attention – especially at the beginning. There are some clubs where they have very high pipes, and if you start climbing up to the ceiling – you are sure to catch the eye of many people. Do not think that extraordinary skills are a CONSTANT to become a dancer , but if you master a few such tricks that may come in handy from time to time. For example, women and young customers often tip higher if they see gymnastic tricks on stage. However, in the long run, no stunts can replace good sales skills. Even if you decide to make a few figures, don’t forget to collect tips for them. I often hear complaints from clients that these really good dancers forget about their audience and don’t take proper care of them. You need to remember that without your care and involvement, the club will cease to be a source of money for you. You have to earn everything yourself.

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