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Dancing Business… Club Dancers – Who Are They?

Girls in various ages, with different education and different goals, are dancers. By traveling around Europe, I met with many different perspectives on the work of a club dancer. However, only from people who have never been to a nightclub and never talked to these girls. So I decided to ask the dancers themselves – the women I work with every day. However, let’s start from the beginning.

Become a dancer and work on your own terms

The work of a Dancer

When starting work, the dancer chooses a new name for herself, under which she has been in the club since then, it may be the name of a child, flower or porn actress, who likes what. 🙂 Dancers (especially Polish women) usually do not tell their friends or family about their profession. In Western Europe, this happens less frequently, and the reason is a change in mentality, which is still missing in Poland.

In the dancer’s industry, as important as openness, there is an ingenious outfit, a spectacular staging, expressive make-up, a hairstyle, and music. This mix makes the shows attract more interest – not only for the men, but also women who come to watch the show. The dancer chooses the integral role of her performance: from music to the outfit. This is an opportunity for girls to test new arrangements and observe reactions.

Dancer’s work described by a dancer

During my journey around Europe and looking for clubs to work with Kate’s Diary, I met many different women. Less and more ambitious, who have been in this industry for several years, such as those who have worked only a few weeks. Women are thinking about their future as well as living the moment.

During one of my trips, I met a very nice Polish girl called Magda, who was 28 years old. As a dancer, she has been working for 2 years. I decided to ask her, and later also many more girls, why she chose to become a club dancer. I wanted to discover and understand this world even better, and thus the needs and expectations of the girls who are under my protection.

Magda’s answer to my question:

“Why shouldn’t I be a dancer? I gained financial independence, freedom, and flexibility. Working in any other profession I knew was not so profitable for women. Men always earned more. Here I can choose my working hours, take my free time and still keep a job that I could return to.”

“As a dancer, I could travel around the world, and that’s what I did (and still doing). I have the opportunity to work with strong women: with master’s degrees, which are useless and mortgage loans to pay off. Women who raised children opened companies, founded charities. The work of an erotic dancer offers me infinite possibilities. I am an educated middle-class woman, and I control my choices. Also, one of them was working at the club.”

A few words of Nicola from Argentina:

“Women must play throughout their lives. However, the game is not just pretending, I think that there are no things in life that you can regret. There are only experiences in which one can learn. It would be best if you remembered that your life may not always be comfortable.”

“Since I remember, I tried to do things that I was not ready for: I just wanted, and I did. Women must try everything. Life is too beautiful to live normally.”

These are just two of the many stories of passionate women that I met during my journey. Women who dare to do things that others feared – follow their inner intuition.

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