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Dance and look differently to the world

Today I was inspired, and I hope you are too, by reading my blog post! with great pleasure and that it will give you comfort, joy, and the so-called I will show you a different point of view about myself, so that there is no trace of them. You will look with a different eye 🙂 I want to start out by saying that I am truly motivated by, admire, and fully support all the unique, beautiful, brave, funny, ambitious, and wonderful dancers of the world. You charge me and each other with great positive energy and through tapping into this I try to encourage revolution in the lives of many strippers.

This is a profession that can offer the benefits of being completely unique, and this difference can be extremely satisfying. Night clubs are generally full of stimulus. Strip clubs, performing dancers, gossiping, sometimes arguments, loud music, flashing lights, alcohol, money … A lot is going on! Weekdays can be calmer and quieter, but better-quality clientele. In addition, thanks to my sales techniques and creative thinking, you can find out the optimal way to a customer. In general, I encourage you to ask a lot of open-ended questions so that he talks as much as possible and feels emboldened through your engagement. Your task is to gather information about him during the conversation. You want to learn as much as possible, which will allow you to increase your chances of selling dances and champagne, encouraging him to say “yes”. So, you do this in two ways: first, ask open questions, and second, get him used to answering in the affirmative.

If eye contact is difficult for you, focus on the nose or forehead. It gives the impression of looking into their eyes, especially in a dark club. Awkward situations can also be intriguing😊

I am fascinated with this industry 100% – when I think I have seen everything; it always turns out that I am very much mistaken. The exciting life of a dancer

Dance is an amazing job for extraordinary women. Work often requires from a person, perfect coordination of movement, courage, a character that is fearless, open, creative, charismatic, independent, and able to adapt and overcome. All these features are present in a specific group of people. Us contemporary women, always in a hurry, performing many functions need perhaps to calm down, calm down, look deeper into ourselves, and discover joy, meeting other women, working on our limitations and our shortcomings. There has always been dancing at births, funerals, and weddings. Man, danced imitating what he observed in nature, to represent his feelings and emotions, but also to get the attention of a mate. To this day, dance is the original form of self-expression. And we women want to utilize this, act, gain experience, accumulate knowledge, improve our skills, improve ourselves. Dance has a great power to change ones attitude to life, it has a positive impact on physical and mental health and interpersonal relationships. It increases self-confidence, gives a sense of value, gives a woman the opportunity to develop a delicate, but also confident way of being. A mountain of benefits that shock …

Sex appeal on heels – a symbol of femininity

Since the Second World War, heels have been a key element in women’s representation. They were used to express strength and extravagance, femininity and charm, sensuality, and sensitivity. Pole dancing began as an unusual carnival performance using the central pole of the tent, now it has become common in every Gentleman’s Club. And private dance is of great popularity. Stilettos used to be an indicator of femininity, providing charm, and today we have heels reaching ten inches, known as “Stripper shoes”. In 2010, stripper heels hit the catwalks via Prada, Fendi and Dsquared2. In 2016, Lady Gaga was first noticed in the cult ten-inch Pleasers device. Cardi B, a former stripper herself, in her 2018 movie.

Sexually looking women have always been slandered – especially when we achieve success. A woman, if she wants to achieve success, simply goes for it! Those who dare to climb a little higher, reject false perceptions of themselves from the opinion of society, and reach even higher peaks. They know perfectly well that success requires sacrifice and they are not immoral or anti-feminist. Women who do not fit in the category of “good girls” achieve success. To achieve success in life you must have a lot of courage, strength, and determination.

Let me know if my blog post today makes you smile? Aaaaaaaa ….

I hug and hold 💕💕💕

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