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Countries you can conquer with Kate’s Diary Agency

I have already mentioned many times that working at Kate’s Diary Agency is not only good wages and fun, but also traveling around Europe. I work with clubs in popular, lively cities and dancers are happy to take advantage of frequent opportunities to visit, discover new flavors and enjoy great views.

Wondering what you can expect? Today, I will reveal the secret to you and tell you why I love individual cities to which you can also come! Treat my impressions as a foretaste of cooperation with Kate’s Diary Agency. Here are the TOP 6 European countries that are waiting for you!

Copenhagen and Aalborg in Denmark

Places where I feel at home, and which at the same time can always surprise me.

Copenhagen is the most relaxed city in all Scandinavia and everyone confirms this opinion. Imagine loud music flowing from colorful buildings situated above water channels. Lights are reflected in the water, people are friendly and smiling. Handsome Danes predominate, but there are also other nationalities: Swedes, Englishmen, Germans and Spaniards. It’s easy to cross your eyes with a handsome man. 😉 During the day you won’t complain about boredom! Copenhagen tempts with tourist attractions, instagram landscapes and delicious food.

However, I visit Aalborg at least once a year – I come to the craziest carnival in Northern Europe. 4 days full of music, dance and streams of alcohol – mainly the famous cumin vodka. At Aalblorg, nightlife never stops, no matter if it’s the middle of the week or the beginning of the weekend.

But I don’t reveal anything more! I want you to discover it all yourself!

Stockholm in Sweden

Stockholm is called the Paris of the North and this should stimulate your imagination. If you want it to take your breath away at every step, and your eyes delight, wherever you look, I can assure you that you’ll love this city.

I often run to Stockholm on weekends – I use this time to relax and take care of myself. I organize long walks on the atmospheric streets, catch the rays of the sun, admire the architecture and think about the next business steps. Many young people live in the city – it is the largest center in Sweden and the most is happening here. In the evening I like to drink a glass of red wine, standing on the bridge over the canal. I look at the sparkling lights of this city, hear the happy voices of the people around me and breathe deeply.

I don’t feel this climate anywhere else, and certainly not in Poland. That’s why I’m running there. Do you want to travel with me on your next trip to Stockholm? 😉

Oslo in Norway

Oslo is the last Scandinavian city on my TOP 6 list, but that does not mean that it is least important. I value every country for something different and Norway has conquered my heart with its amazing nature. Beautiful fjords, dense forests and the northern lights – this is the true charm of the cold north.

Girls from the Kate’s Diary Agency team love Oslo for its raw elegance. Modernity intertwines with nature, and people are extremely nice. Norwegians speak English very well – most of them are tall, blue-eyed blondes who like to party. Needless to say, thanks to them this country attracts even more. 😉

Prices in Norway are high, but earnings are even higher. So you can earn good here and at the same time have fun – a talented dancer will never complain about the salary in Oslo. I know what I’m saying. 😉

Munich, Hamburg, Hanover , Bielefeld in Germany

In Germany, you can settle in as many as two cities: Munich and Hamburg, which are great bases for exploring the entire country and Europe.

Germans can also have fun and I want you to see for yourself! There are crowds in clubs, bars and restaurants every evening, and the alcohol is pouring with streams. Loud music and colorful lights complete the atmosphere of cities that never seem to fall asleep. So if you like life full of emotions, new impressions and you are ready to experience them, I invite you to Germany!

Ischgl in Austria

Ischgl is a ski resort surrounded by the picturesque Alps – ideal for active holidays and crazy events. 😉 How about the peaks of snowy mountains outside the window? Sun rays shining into your room and dozens of restaurants nearby that serve delicious breakfasts? Sounds like a fairy tale? With Kate’s Diary Agency it becomes a reality!

You can spend your free days on the ski slopes or hiking trips, and at night enjoy the clubs of Austria’s most party town. The whole country comes here to relax and spend some money. A lot of cash falls into the pocket of club dancers. The people of Austria like to party and are ready to pay for good fun.

Puerto Banus in Spain

Sandy beaches, high palm trees, hot sun and handsome Spaniards. 😉 You won’t resist the charm of Puearto Banus – it is a resort in the south of the country, near Giblartar, which is a bridge between Europe and Africa.

What does a standard day look like there? Drink with a palm of your hand, sunglasses on your nose and relax on the beach. Tourists from many European countries come to Puearto Banus to have fun and relax. Why wouldn’t you do the same? 😉

The dancers from my team love this city and in particular the great weather of Spain. Sometimes I envy them that they can use it every day – Puearto Banus is a paradise on earth!

You already know the TOP 6 countries that stole my heart and the hearts of the girls from Kate’s Diary Agency! Which one would you like to live in? Choose and I will try to make your dream come true quickly. 😉 Write to me and I will help you take a step towards good changes!

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