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Copenhagen (Denmark) Fascinating Contrasts and Life Energy of Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is my second home. I had the opportunity to see for myself what precisely Danish luck means. It is true that just after arriving in Denmark, you feel this magical aura in the air – everyone is so positive, smiling, and joy is glowed from them!

What, apart from this extraordinary positivism of the Danes, is so fantastic in Copenhagen? This is a pleasant place to look at. Modernity, fantastic design combined with a touch of Scandinavian style give a spectacular effect. In Copenhagen, you will find a lot of exciting places to visit – the oceanarium, opera house, or Nyhavn – a characteristic port with colorful houses. What’s more, Copenhagen is a very multicultural place, due to the influx of people from virtually all parts of the world.

What surprises tourists in Denmark are also prices. Unfortunately, they do not belong to the lowest. However, it is worth being prepared for it and stop worrying about it, to enjoy your stay in the city fully. Copenhagen offers a lot of charming cafes, exquisite restaurants, and exclusive boutiques. People who are going to work in Copenhagen should not worry about it, because the level of earnings is also extremely high. I must admit that it is difficult to refrain from using what the beautiful city offers. Copenhagen also has one of the most popular theme parks in Europe – Tivoli. The perfect place for a few hours of fun, which will provide a huge dose of emotions.

You’re probably wondering what nightlife and entertainment in Copenhagen look like. Here, the city can also positively surprise us. From Thursday to Sunday, after dark, all lovers of good fun will find something for themselves. Jazz clubs, discos for young people, quiet pubs, sophisticated and tasteful bars, or luxurious clubs. Most of them can be found in the districts of Vesterbro, Nørrebro, and Østerbro. The region of Christiania, known as the free city, may also be a surprise. This is a place independent of the city authorities, where the residents themselves set themselves the right and are self-sufficient. It is called the hippie city and the Danish Amsterdam in the center of Copenhagen, and this information is probably enough to guess what life in Christiania looks like.

Regardless of whether you want to go on a weekend trip to Copenhagen, or whether it will be a permanent move, you are undoubtedly interested in the cheapest way to get there. Most low-cost carriers (Ryanair, Wizzair) offer really cheap flights, so with a bit of luck, you can visit Copenhagen for a few dozen zlotys. It is also worth knowing that Copenhagen is connected by a bridge to Swedish Malmö, and you can quickly get from one city to another. Moreover, it allows you to visit two countries during one trip!

Were any of you in Copenhagen? Do you know what makes the Scandinavians so happy?

Kate :*

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