Reach for life on your own

In Kate’s Diary Agency you decide on your own where, how long and on what terms you work. Because your life is your choice!

You’d like to try it, but still hesitate?

Girls working in clubs are from various social groups: students, young mums, women looking for a change, professional dancers. Going abroad and receiving high salary gives them new opportunities for development, improving their living conditions and creating financial security.

Moreover, flexible work conditions don’t require you to resign from anything. It’s a transaction, from which you can only have profits.

68 girls in 8 countries

In luxury clubs, in the largest European cities. They combine travel with work, enjoying a high living standard. You choose whether you want to give yourself a chance to change.

100% independence

By working with me, you do not close any doors behind you. You decide how long you want to sign a contract for. In my team, there are girls who started without any experience, as well as dancers who previously worked in Poland. Some have signed contracts for a few months, others for a few weeks. Give it a try.

You’ll find something for you in my offer – decide, when to start your job

Job: dancer. All you need to know

Learn the basic introduction before starting work. Everything you need to know is just in your hands!


Girls are working as dancers, who perform short dancing shows. Clients may invite a given dancer for a drink in the venue or buy a private show. In every club, there are security guards who take care of you and your safety. Don’t worry – nobody is going to encroach your private sphere.

The role of dancers in the club and their earnings

Dancers are the most important night club workers. They are, in most cases, responsible for creating the atmosphere of a certain place and its reputation. Except for the basic fixed salary, they receive a commission from each performed dance and drinks bought by the club’s clients. Their final earnings are very high and depend on their own engagement and skills.

Beginners are provided with dancing trainings, so you don’t have to worry, even if you don’t have any experience yet. The basics of Pole Dance are easy to learn, and if you are interested in practicing more, I will recommend you a good dancing school in Copenhagen. It’s owner and an experienced dancer named Ksenia will introduce you to the world of pole dance.

You can also rely on the support of girls who have been dancing for a longer time.

Carefully selected clubs

I cooperate only with highly regarded clubs with quality, which is often checked. Girls work in the best venues in big cities, where both working conditions and salary are very attractive. The shortest stay is for two weeks – then you may take a rest, come back to Poland and meet up with your family. You can stay, change a city or resign – it’s your choice. And I respect them.

Basing on my experience in leading the agency, I recommend you to stay for a period of at least one month. It’s an optimal time necessary to get used to the working mode, the atmosphere and to assess the conditions.

Official contract and business flat for you

When you agree to work with me, you have a guarantee of legal employment and care after your arrival. Besides great salary and safety you’ll also receive a fully-equipped flat in a high standard and in a good location – always close to your club. Coming here, there’s no need to worry about anything, because the agency will solve all the organizational matters. And you can confidently and boldly start the new stage in your life.

These are just 2 simple steps to living on a new level…

1. Phone call

I appreciate personal contact and honesty. I also know that personal conversation often allows me to know your situation better and break the ice of shyness, modesty or natural embarrassment. That’s why after receiving your application, I will contact you personally and tell you about the possible options.

What is important is your availability and communicative level of English. However, it is not a must, because it’s possible to practice your English language here. The minimal working period in a club is two weeks, but you’ll find employment faster if you were able to stay for a month, or two or even longer. The mode of your work can be discussed and set individually, depending on your personal situation (e.g. studies and maternity).

After the phone call, you will get some additional materials by e-mail, in order to let you read them comfortably in your home.

2. Arrival

Your arrival to the city in which you will be working in, is possible after two weeks from the moment of application. It’s a period necessary for me to prepare and organize all the stuff, such as flat or formalities with a club. Of course, you can come later if you wish to – beginning your work after two weeks is an option, not an obligation. 🙂

In the day of your arrival I will help you personally. If I am not able to come and meet you, I keep in touch with you all the time to help you in every aspect: from signing the contract until getting to know your club. Your comfort is crucial, so I will always answer your or talk with you personally on a meeting.

Official legal contract and business accommodation for you

You will also get clear instructions, which are going to be very helpful in a new city: a map with the most important points (such as a hotel, club), list of shops and popular places that you may visit in your free time.

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