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At Kate's Diary Agency, you decide for yourself where, how long and under what conditions you work. Because your life is your decisions!

Would you like to try it but are hesitant?


Girls from all walks of life work in clubs: students, young mothers, women looking for a change, professional dancers. Going abroad and earning high wages gives them new opportunities to develop, improve their standard of living or build a financial cushion.

Flexible working conditions mean you don’t have to give up anything. It’s a win-win deal.

780 girls in 16 countries

In luxury clubs, in the biggest cities in Europe. They combine travel with work, enjoying the high life. You choose, or you choose to give yourself the chance to make a difference.

Travelling around Europe

The work of a dancer and hostess in my company is inextricably linked to travel. How often? That is up to you. I work with nightclubs in major European cities and that's where I send my charges. You decide yourself which city you would like to go to and for how long.

Carefully selected clubs

I only work with high-end, repeatedly proven clubs. The girls work in the best venues in big cities, where both the earnings and the rules of cooperation are extremely attractive. The minimum stay is two weeks - after that you can take a holiday, return to Poland and meet your loved ones. It is up to you whether you decide to change city, give up your job or stay in a particular location. I respect your choices. In order to ensure your comfort and safety, I have met with each club owner personally and agreed the conditions of cooperation.

Flexible working hours

You decide not only where, but also how long you work. Depending on your availability, you can sign a contract for two weeks or several months Many girls start with one-month contracts - 30 days is enough to get to know the club and the other dancers, and thus decide whether it's a place you want to stay in for the long term. And once you get bored of the Norwegian climate, you can move to picturesque Denmark or live in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. At Kate's Diary, your life is your choices. 🙂

Working at major European events

Hostesses from Kate's Diary Agency are present at the biggest events from the business world. They gain experience at international fairs and make contacts that can pay off in the future. Every day is an investment in themselves and their professional development. One of the most recent events I attended with the girls from my team was the BAUMA trade fair. Such events allow the girls to get to know the business environment and improve their language skills (hostesses must speak English communicatively).

Freedom and independence

When you follow the path laid out for you by others, it can be easy to fall into the shackles of routine and put on shackles woven from the expectations of those around you. That's when your needs, dreams and aspirations imperceptibly start to recede into the background and the ever-so-natural, everyday joy slips away. However, this is not a pre-assigned scenario for you. 😉 You can decide to make a change at any time, because the worst decision can only be the lack of it. In my team, the girls enjoy freedom and independence. Every day they take a step towards their goals and you can step onto that path too. 🙂

Official contract and company housing for you

By taking up a partnership, you are guaranteed legal employment and on-site care. In addition to high wages and security, you receive a fully equipped flat of high standard and in a convenient location - always close to the club. When you arrive, you don't have to worry about anything, as all logistical and organisational issues are taken care of by the agency. You can start a new phase in your life with confidence and courage.

You will find something in my offer for you - you decide yourself when you want to start working

The work of a dancer from A to Z

Girls in nightclubs work as dancers who perform short dance shows. Customers can invite the dancer in question for a drink on the premises or buy a private show. The safety and privacy of the girls is taken care of by the security guards who are in every club. So when you start work, you can feel confident and comfortable - no one will invade your private space.

Learn the basic introduction before you start. That is, everything you need to know before you start!

Dancers are the most important employees in a club. To a large extent, they build the atmosphere of a venue and create its reputation. In addition to a fixed base, dancers also receive a commission on dances performed and drinks purchased by club guests. Final earnings are very high and depend on your commitment and skills.

Beginner girls are provided with dance training - so you don't have to worry about lack of experience. The basics of Pole Dance are easy to learn, and if you are interested in learning it, I have a proven dance school in Copenhagen. Its owner and experienced instructor Ksenia will introduce you to the world of pole dance. You can also count on the help of girls who have been dancers for a long time.

These are just 2 simple steps
to living life at a new level....


Phone call

I value personal contact and authenticity. I also know that a personal conversation often allows me to get to know a person’s situation more easily and overcome the initial natural embarrassment. Therefore, once you have submitted your application, I will get in touch with you to discuss the opportunities available.

The working regime can be arranged individually, depending on your situation (e.g. studies or motherhood). After the phone call, you will also receive additional materials by email so that you can study them at home in peace.



Arrival in the city where you will be working is possible two weeks after the application. This is the period necessary to take care of organisational matters such as housing and other formalities. You can also choose to arrive later.

On the day of your arrival, I will assist you personally or, if I am not in town at the time, I will stay in touch with you and help you with everything from signing the contract with the club to showing you the premises.

You will also receive clear instructions to help you get started in your new city: a map with the most important points (including hotel, club), a list of shops and popular places to visit in your free time.

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