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Conquer Munich: BAUMA trade fair and the city’s nightlife

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Munich is a city with two faces. One of them is the one that tourists are familiar with: rich history, architectural monuments and stunning art. However, it has nothing to do with my current visit to the city. I am now getting to know the other face of Munich: a place that opens up new opportunities for people and their businesses. I couldn’t miss being there.

I came to Munich with Kate’s Diary team for the biggest event of the season: the BAUMA 2019 trade fair. Nearly 600,000 people from around the world gather here for several days. The 3,400 exhibitors are showcasing their offerings, gathering new business contacts and each of them needs hostesses. So you already know why I appeared here together with the girls working with me. 🙂

Preparations for BAUMA 2019

For some girls, the fair is the first such large event they have had the opportunity to participate in. Are they stressed? A little. 😉 Are they excited? Huge! Anyway, let them tell you themselves.

“I have never been to Munich before, and traveling for work purposes is a complete novelty for me. I’m looking forward to this event and stepping into a new world!”

Agnieszka 22 years old

“Previously I was a hostess at several events in Poland, but none had such a reach. 600,000 people is an unimaginable number for me. I’m happy to be there.”

Kamila, 28

BAUMA 2019 is a great opportunity to gain experience and learn about the industry from the inside. Participating in the fair means you can prepare for the challenges ahead, improve your skills and learn about the environment in which you will be working. The comfort of the girls on my team is an absolute priority for me, so I want to show them the business world “from behind the scenes” as well. They will be able to talk to other hostesses at the fair and get their opinions about the job. I feel that every day here opens up new opportunities.

Nightlife in Munich

We came to Munich for work purposes, but our plans to stay here are not only for work. At night, the city is directly vibrant and we plunge into it without hesitation. Restaurants, bars and clubs are filled with people. Exclusive venues do not complain of lack of interest – entrepreneurs from all over the world, like us, arrived in the city a few days early. Now they can be seen in clubs and with drinks in their hands. Relax before the start of a huge trade show and business skirmishes.

Munich’s rich evening social life owes much to its nightclubs. Luxury establishments are very popular and are frequented by foreign tourists. The girls who work there talk to visitors mainly in English, especially during the BAUMA fair period.

There are some very important days ahead. We recharge ourselves with positive energy and prepare for new challenges. After all, it’s always a good time to try something new. 😉 Maybe for the next fair you will go with us already? If you would like to know more details, please email me!

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