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Conquer Greece with Kate’s Diary!

In my work, I love that I never stand still. I am still developing and discovering new fascinating places. This time in search of sun and good energy I went to the very south of Europe. Sit back and I will tell you about my impressions from the amazing capital of Greece …. Athens !

A city of contrasts

Athens is the cradle of our civilization. I will tell you honestly that I imagined it as a city full of monuments. In a way, I wasn’t wrong. At every step you can find traces of ancient history – there is plenty to explore! At the same time, Athens surprised me a lot. It is a huge modern metropolis that is still expanding. It is said that in a few years it will become a European Dubai and will attract the richest and most demanding tourists.

A city that is awake

Nightlife in Athens pulsates until dawn. Greeks known for their hot southern temperament can have fun! Bustling streets, dancing people, Metaxa and clubs at the highest level – I have to admit – I let myself be carried away by this amazing atmosphere.

Athens is the perfect place for dancers who start their adventure with working in a club. You can choose from one of two work systems:

Dance on the podium all night without interacting with guests at the club. In this option, the earnings are fixed at 50 € per night.
Dance combined with conversations with guests, the sale of private shows and alcohol. The basis of remuneration in this case is 60 € per night, and for this you get a commission from the sale of dances and drinks.
So the dancer can slowly move in and get used to the new workplace, dancing only on the podium , and then decide for yourself if she wants to earn more.

Sun, work and vacation

Imagine a lazy afternoon on a sandy beach just 30 minutes away from Athens Glyfada. Relaxing music oozes from a nearby pub, combining perfectly with the sound of the waves. You observe colorful kitesurfers.

Rested, you return to the city, straight for a delicious dinner in the Greek tavern. As night falls, your appetite for fun increases. Fortunately, you have a crazy night full of dance, inspirational conversations, new acquaintances and good music.

Sounds like a perfect plan for you? Believe me, you can enjoy your holiday and earn good money at the same time. If you are interested in such a life – contact me 🙂

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