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Puerto Banus



What do you think about sunny Puerto Banas?
Three weeks spent sunbathing and chilling in the water with a full wallet? I have contact with the management, that approaches each employee with great reverence. They want to maintain a high standard of both services and clientele, which is why they decided to focus on effective but subtle elegance in the form of dresses. They want their place to be represented by ladies, full of class, sublime women who will create a kind of springboard from undressed girls on the beach. A really wealthy client wants just that, so don't worry that without showing everything you have, you won't earn your whims. On the contrary, I know this market and I know how it works - trust me. 

The standard of accommodation is so friendly that a fee of EUR 100 is payable per week. Everything is of course located in a wonderful area, very close to the club, so there will be no problems with transport to work. When it comes to employment conditions, the club offers a full range - the so-called from drinks to dancing. You have the option to work from Monday to Sunday, from 10 pm to 4 am. A 6-hour "day" of work will make you get great money, but you will avoid over-exploitation. If necessary, it's great to sleep by the pool or on the beach, so don't worry! Pleasant and useful, because your brown body will surely match the white outfits we wear on Thursdays as part of the White Event.

For spending 15 minutes with you, you have to pay as much as 150 euros, of which you get ... 40%. This club really wants to be fair to the dancers and they value that. The sun clearly gives them a lot of positive energy!

About the club in Puerto Banus

✅  We are only open from 10 pm to 4 am - 7 days a week
✅  You will receive 40% for the sale of all champagne drinks
✅  Sale of private dances: commission for you 40%

Additional information:

  • Fully equipped accommodation in a convenient location – 5 minutes from the club.
  • We share the room with a roommate.
  • The contract is valid for a minimum period of three weeks
  • Your outfit at work: High heels and sexy sensual lingerie, dresses.
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