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For many years, you have heard that Copenhagen is one of the most charming places in Europe. In fact, I confirm it. You can fall in love from the first minute, there is something magical here, thanks to which I have been living here for another year.

The place is enchanting and, in addition, gives great opportunities to earn. I work with a club that offers 100% tip collection for you and the clientele is really generous. These people love to have fun and spare no money for it.

The management offers to work 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday so that you could have time to regenerate and ride a bike along the tourist trail. If you've ever been to Amsterdam, you know the specific climate of this type of tourist city. It's great.

You drop in for a month, drink expensive and desired by all your Polish friends champagne, and additionally, you get 15% and 20% of them. In addition, you have a specific BASIC in the form of 40/65 euros for the mere fact that you are a beautiful and eloquent woman. What more could you want?

You tick another country on the map with "to do". You live in a beautiful place in a charming neighbourhood for only 10 Euros a day.

I really recommend this option, I came across it by accident and .. to this day I am here. A completely different life, you breathe here and your bank account is always full. There is a lot to make money here, seriously try it!
About the club in Copenhagen

The atmosphere in the club is very family-like. The club is small, divided into two floors. The first part is a place where guests can buy a drink and watch the show, and the second part of the club is a special place for private shows and larger events such as stag parties or birthdays.

♦️ ️ The club is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 pm to  6 am
♦️ ️ Work schedule - at least 5/6 working days / 1/2 days off
♦️ ️ Sales of beverages and champagnes: 20% commission
♦️ ️ Sale of dances: Commission 40%

Additional information:

  • Fully equipped accommodation is conveniently located above the clubhouse
  • We share the room with a roommate
  • Every day you sell a show, you get cash in your hand
  • The contract is valid for a minimum of one month
  • Work clothes: high heels, sexy sensual lingerie, dresses

I invite you to Copenhagen! :*

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