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Club: independent work or… teamwork?

In clubs worldwide, it is widely believed that the best and most efficient method to convince clients and earn money is teaming up with other dancers to catch some attention and spend time with clients. With your friends, the conversation is much easier; you avoid awkward silence when the dancer is talking with client 1vs1, and his buddies, returning to the table, are forced to pretend that nothing is happening. During that situation, the client loses his joy and focus and looks at his smartphone more than at the dancers or stage. So if he doesn’t have a good time, he won’t stay and spend some money on drinks or champagne. But it would be very different if you take some friends and ensure all of the clients at the table have a great companion and fantastic time. It sounds like it’s worth it, right? 

Prons of a team working.

Now you know that teaming up is sometimes the best choice. If you notice that your friends are chatting about going to clients, you have to be strong and confident to show that you are going with them and not letting them leave you behind. Leave your modesty at home; if you don’t stand for yourself, you let your money go. Of course, it’s not about fighting with your friends for life and death in every situation but just for keeping the flow of your business. A club is a very characteristic place; courage, the ability to sense the position and prudence can change a situation in the second. Sometimes the risk isn’t worth the reward, so you have to know when it’s a good moment to let go, mainly when the queue is full of clients that wait to have a few drinks with you.

It’s a big difference between standing up for your business and rowing daily for a client. Remember that clients are returning home, but tomorrow you will be back at the same place with the same crew. Bank account status will rise, but the sympathy of your coworkers won’t if you fight for a client every day.

 Cutting off the pack? Maybe

It’s a fundamental matter of a client’s goals and targets. You often need to hear only a few words to know what he wants, whether he is standalone or if his choices depend on friends. There are a few options to sense the situation; first, he will entirely depend on the crew, and your propositions will be consulted with others. Relatively often, he is a calm, quiet and modest type of guy, or he didn’t have an opportunity to try services like that. With that type of guy, don’t bother him any longer; ask others what their plans are. They won’t refuse your proposition as no one want to feel worse than any other. That is crowd psychology. 

Second, he won’t resist and moving away from the party won’t be a problem. If it happens, keep him in isolation and spend as much time with him as possible. He has to forget about his friends and lose himself in time with You.

Life-hack! You are here to ensure a great time and much fun, not to remind him how much he spent on you. It’s important not to talk about topics that will remind him of the money he left here.

What by one by one?

When both of you appear in a secluded room, and your Gentleman is wondering if he should order a bottle of champagne again, try to improvise and leave your room for a moment. Then, walk back very confident and announce that his friends have a fantastic time, so going away would be a dumb decision. If you let him choose between sitting alone at the table and waiting for friends that use the best of the club or still having fun with You, his choice will be obvious.

What if I’m an individual?

If you prefer working alone and don’t want to share your client with other friends, go on! You don’t have to work with the team, but if a big group of clients comes in, it’s worth gathering friends and making big money together.

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