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Be or not to be a stripper?

Mostly girls belief that strippers are young, perfect looking women. Nonsense !In fact, strippers range in age from 18 all the way up into their 50s, and come in all different body types and shapes.

What do you  expect as an exotic dancer? Today, I will show you some part of this secret and tell you what are the most important issues to consider before you make that decision.

I Understanding the Demands

1. Understand you will need to be physically fit 

It’s a common misconception that you need to have a “perfect” body to become a stripper. In fact, strippers come in all different shapes, sizes, and body types. With that said, you will need to be physically fit to a certain degree to keep up with the demands of the job. Dancing is physically taxing. Add in a pair of very high heels and it gets even more difficult! Make sure you are prepared for the physical demands that stripping requires

2. Realize the time you will need to put in

 At first, you may have to work every night to try and establish yourself and earn back money you have already invested to start. You will also have to adjust to working late into the night, which can really interfere with any daytime job you have and plan to keep if you pursue stripping.


3. Remember that staying sober will be important.

Many dancers abuse alcohol after some time. We all know that is not  good , especially for your earnings. Remember that because of this you can lose your job.You need to control what is happening during the nightshift ! You cannot afford for a lack of accounting because  you are drunk! There are dancers who will drink one cocktail  from time to time and they are deal with it.😉  Realize, though, that this is still risky behavior, and if you have an addictive personality, you might be more prone to alcoholism.

4. Sometimes you hear “yes” and sometimes “no”

Being a dancer doesn`t mean that always every customer want a lap dance with you. There will be some clients who don’t find you attractive, or who might outright reject your advances.You must know one thing – everyone has a different “taste”, people make out  beauty in  hundred different ways. Do you want to deal with rejection but don’t know how to do it? We would like to invite you for COMPLETE STRIPTEASE TUTORIAL FOR WORKING IN CLUBS with Kate Diary from Elis and Kate.

As a stripper, you will have to present yourself and do your best .This is the key to set a goal to earn satisfying money .Selling skills ate very important issue. so being able to work like a salesperson is important, and salespeople need some thick skin to make it through!  (Start to be effective in selling with Kate Diary with Elis and Kate.)                It just  happens that clients will be unkind and uncivil like in every line of work . You have find a way to deal with those kind of  people who are not always smiling, kind and classy. As a stripper, you must be resistant to inappropriate customer`s behavior. Make sure you are ready for it.

5. Remember you may face issues with co-workers.

I put view of the dancers  right at the club and I would like to share with you my opinion.  Girls are easy-going, friendly and helpful in every club. Regardless of your working environment, there has been always healthy competition that will motivate you to do all of these things better and better. In this case, the competition start withà whose dancers first catch the interest of a potential client. They are women who are aware of their worth, do not feel discriminated and do not feel competition among dancers.


II Preparing for the Investment

1. Buy oufits.

At the beginning it can be sensitive underwear that emphasizes your curves. There are many online stores that offer outfits sets , separates and bikini options. Choose an outfit which is  blend in your personality. For example, if you plan to dance to more upbeat pop or hip-hop songs, you might not want to put on all black and try an edgier look. Just put on something colorful which catch his eye. Choose bright colors, shiny .. If you want to dance to rock music, choose a “sharper look” with dark colors and chrome or metal accessories.

Cost of a professional outfit is100 -170 PLN. Of course you can choose something cheaper. Firstly, choose an outfit in reasonable price.  Wait for a moment with buying more exclusive outfits. Buy them step by step when you get accounting liquidity. Try to find the outfit which will be fitted to inner rules and decoration in the club. 😉


Buy shoes.

As a stripper, you won’t be wearing sneakers on stage. Strippers are known for their sky high heels, so you’ll need to grab a pair of those. You have to buy them too😉. Think about these transparent, spectacular platforms that you saw in “Hustlers” with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. You can buy these shoes in the same store where you bought the outfit. Some online shops might offer deals on complete outfits, like discounted or free shipping, for example, so take advantage of that by buying everything in one place.

A good pair of high heels can cost you even more than your outfit, most between 200 to 500 PLN. Stick to the lower price for the first pair and until you’re making steady money. Consider buying a pair that might match with many outfits.


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