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BAUMA – good time for the strippers in Monachium

BAUMA 2022 - dobry czas dla tancerek w Monachium


It is common knowledge that Germany has held a fair called “Bauma” every 3 years since 1954. To put it differently, Bauma is an international trade show of construction and mining, that takes place in the capital of Bavaria – Munich. During this convention, exhibitors can share their offers. What specific? For example excavators, road rollers but also smaller tools like saws and drills.

With over 7 days of events, Bauma is the centre of international business and a significant place where new bonds and connections are made. It’s the main place of information, where builders and engineers can get to know, the newest and most advanced technologies.

It’s an open space so anyone who wants can come and take a look, but the main target is the people who deal with construction, industry and other sectors connected with the building.

It’s a really huge event, for example in 2019 620 thousand people from 200 countries visited Bauma. Moreover, 4000 exhibitionists from 62 countries show their technology. That’s why Bauma is considered as the biggest engineer fair in the entire world.

I guess that I don’t even have to say what it means for the girls working at Munich ;). It is a very busy they for all dancers because, after the tradeshow, it didn’t happen that expositors and visitors didn’t take an opportunity to discover this city and experience the crazier and party side of Munich.

These interesting gentlemens, that want to take a break after a long day at Bauma, won’t mind a bottle of champagne or some fancy drink for themselves and their dancers. So even if you are not into construction or engineering, but you are into dancing and making good money, I think it’s a great opportunity to work at Munich. Bauma starts on 24 October this year and lasts till 30. Don’t waste this opportunity and come to one of the prettiest cities in Germany.

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