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Back to Greece in style

Hi girls!

Some time ago I was telling you about my trip to Athens. For those of you who follow my activity, I do not have to repeat how wonderful places I visited then, while those that are slightly behind, I refer to reading the post about Greece. But back to the topic… I have great news for you! After the pandemic, Greece is opening up to the tourist season (which is the dominant branch of the economy in this country). Everything will start with a bang and we cannot miss it!


I love the warm climate and I treat every trip to this country as a long-awaited vacation, but when I remember that I am there for business reasons, I start doing a little research. I am particularly interested in tourist events that can attract tourists with a large budget to clubs. Such an event will take place in Athens from April 7-10! Of course, I’m talking about the 2022 Global MBA Trophy Regatta !!! My dear ones, I don’t know if you are aware that this is not an ordinary regatta. This event will attract to Greece a cream of young businessmen from the world’s leading business schools such as: INSEAD, Columbia Business School, Cornell University, Wharton and many others ;p. Let’s face it, it’s a breeding ground for economic leaders, CEOs and bosses of all kinds! If you want, you can go there with me and make friends with very influential people with powerful connections, as well as wallets ;p. They will come there to rest and have a great time in good company ;p.

Of course, the date 7-10 does not limit us at all, because the participants and organizers will come a few days earlier to swim as part of the exercises and button everything up to the last button. And who knows, maybe the event will be so successful that it will drag on for a few more days. This is a unique opportunity to earn, so of course you cannot miss it!

I am here for you

Remember that you can join my #powerteam at any time. Greece is open to us. I am going to go back there myself and I think that this Regatta will be a great opportunity for that. I miss our meetings in clubs all over the world, so hurry up because places are limited.

If you want to forget about all your troubles, Athens will be a great place for it. I treat my trips to the Mediterranean as a therapy: this climate cures me of all my worries, and the rest of my problems are solved by the cash I bring from there; p
Write to me and I will show you a Greek party you have not seen before; p
Your Kate: *

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