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Attractive not only by look


Today I have some tips on how to communicate with a customer. This is important if you want to make a little more money. I would like you to know the most important rules that will make the customer enchanted with you. 

If you have my ebook “The Best Texts for Customer Conversations” you know very well how many languages can do. Whether in Poland or abroad – talking is a key element in the work of a stripper. Of course, the most important thing in being a dancer is the proper appearance, because men are visual 😉 Some strippers, however, forget that it is a properly conducted conversation that will make them walk away with a lot of money. 

What to say?  

First, catch the customer who seems most interested in you. When you approach such a person, I guarantee you that if you show cleverness – it’s yours. Start with small talk – the club is not the place for confessions (although there are such people too!). Ask how his day went, and what he plans to do after leaving the club… Get to know him and make him feel special to you. 

Learn to ask questions 

 A very big mistake when it comes to asking questions is that we ask closed questions. A person you ask about something that can be answered with “Yes” or “No” will not be willing to continue the conversation. Let the customer talk. Start asking about something that can be said in more than one word. If the conversation does not stick – don’t worry. Maybe he feels shy in the presence of a beautiful and self-confident stripper 😉 Give him time and lead the monologue, and then leave, but not without a word! Promise him that you will come back – because you will 🙂 

I want to talk! What next?  

If you have met a guy with whom the talk sticks from the beginning – take the opportunity! Ask if he will buy you a drink, and propose moving to a quieter place. If he agrees to change location he will likely also agree to a private dance… 

A self-confident guy who is interested in you more than others is a guy whose intentions you will know from the very beginning. You will know within a minute of conversation that you have hit a gold egg. It will be different with the shy ones – even if they are genuinely interested, they may not show it. Be gentle with them and make them feel comfortable in your company. 

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