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Tirana is a magical city full of charm and mystery, which is located in the picturesque valley of the Lana River, surrounded by the Dajti mountain range. This beautiful oasis of peace attracts tourists from all over the world, delighting them not only with its beauty, but also with its rich history and culture.

Club opening hours:

Monday - Saturday
21:00 - 05:00

Your earnings: 

♦️ Fixed payment – 50 euro.

♦️ Sale of champagne – 40%.

♦️ Sale of drinks- 25%

♦️ Tips – 50%!

♦️ Payout is every day. 


Accommodation is free. Appartament is next to the club.  

Additional information:

♦️ Dancer dances 3 song on stage, last song is topless.

♦️ The minimum duration of the contract is for three months.

PLN Polish złoty
EUR Euro
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