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A small guidebook of seduction

Every woman likes to feel sexy, feminine and attractive. Usually not only for themselves, but also (or mostly) for surrounding men. 😉 This is a completely natural and desirable attitude at the club dancer’s work.

However, the ability to seduce every day does not determine your success as a dancer. Why? What works on the street or on a date will not necessarily work in a club. If you really want to be effective in a game called seduction, you must go to a much higher level. Of course, I won’t leave you alone. 😉

Regardless of whether you are a shy girl or a born temptress who conquers men’s hearts with one glance, you can use my knowledge and strategies that have been tested many times. Get ready!

Practice makes perfect

Yes, I know – it doesn’t start originally. However, my goal is not to surprise you, but to teach you what really works. The most important part of seduction is simply… practice. If you want to be effective in conquering men’s hearts, you must practice this in everyday life. It’s the easiest way to become a real seduction master.

However, before you start seducing, you must get to know this process very well. Explain to yourself what exactly you intend to do: consider the smile, gaze, clothes and your behavior in general. Don’t ignore the details. 😉 It’s like seducing yourself.

Remember that achieving perfection will require time and effort, which will include both learning and experience. Becoming a seducer does not happen overnight. In most cases, you need a daily routine and the right attitude. To help yourself in the whole process, it is worth to surround yourself with beautiful objects and wear sexy underwear. Then seduction will become your second nature, and hence the straight path to the second principle.

No matter what you do – be natural!

You’ll become a master of seduction if everything you do looks as if you were born to do it. Every smile, every flirty look, every gentle hand movement.

When you buy underwear, do not choose what you think that would appeal to guests at the nightclub. Choose what you feel absolutely good in. You have to wear sexy lingerie every day until you feel completely comfortable in it.

Thanks to this, during the show you can effortlessly make the guests watching you feel part of your magical, sexy aura. They will be happy to have the opportunity to admire you and be part of a wonderful show.

Non-verbal communication

Eyes are your most powerful tool – never forget about that. A deep gaze can wake up even the most hidden male desires, while an innocent look can attract attention. The way you look at someone becomes the ultimate expression of thoughts and feelings.

Just look at somebody for a minute and then shyly move your gaze in another direction. You should never be too obvious in your intentions, but only gently suggest that you might be interested. Men have the nature of conquerors, so let them conquer. 😉

Again, remember that eye contact is crucial. If you want to seduce someone, make sure you look them in the eyes, even if you are talking about a completely neutral, devoid of erotic overtones topic. The next step is innocent, seemingly accidental touches and a smile that can start a male-female game. Never forget about positive energy – a warm heart and a real smile will help you win even the coldest heart!

This tempting sense of adventure…

You may think that while seducing, you always “risk” a little. Many women are afraid of failure and rejection. The best remedy for this is a sense of humor and attitude like for a good adventure. 😉 Do not take yourself too seriously, and it will be easier for you immediately and you will feel at ease. Then you minimize the risk of failure.

Still not sure if this strategy really works? Ask your partner when you were the sexiest. He’ll probably answer that when you laughed openly, you were free and having fun. Why? Because such confidence is incredibly attractive. 😉

Well, I’ve revealed you my ways of seduction, and now I would love to get to know yours! What makes you able to conquer men’s hearts?

Katarzyna Hajduk :*

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