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7 Things you don’t know about me

Today will be a bit in person. I care about a warm relationship with you, which is why I decided to open a bit in the hope that in return you will also let me get to know you better. I talk a lot about the life of the dancer and the clubs, but not much about myself. I think it’s time to change it a bit. 🙂

1. Professional Development is My Priority

And at the moment there are no exceptions to this. I did not immediately find the right career path, but now that I am developing the Kate’s Diary Agency, I finally feel that I’m on the right track. My main goal is primarily to achieve inner peace and satisfaction, and I accomplish this by helping girls like you. I am glad that through my work I can support others in achieving their goals.

2. I Did Not Speak English For A Year

And today I can’t believe it myself. I felt a lot of restrictions then, especially in the professional context. I couldn’t even dream of an international company because I had difficulty ordering regular coffee in a restaurant. I had no choice: I gritted my teeth and started learning the language through online lessons and long conversations. A year has passed: I speak English fluently, traveling all over Europe at the same time. The barriers have disappeared and I can develop further.

3. My motto is “Be afraid but do”

So get out of the closet you have been hiding in. 😉 I set up a blog even though others said there were millions of blogs. I pursue my passions, despite the fact that the family would prefer a comfortable and secure job in a corporation. Everyone finds their own meaning in my motto. It can mean courage to go to therapy after years of suffering in silence. The courage to take the first step: a smile without the certainty that it will be reciprocated. The courage to admit my mistake. Courage to fight for your own opinion. What does “fear but do” mean to you?

4. I learned the profession… In Practice

On my blog, you can see how Kate’s Diary Agency is growing. You don’t know how it was born, however. 🙂 Currently, I work with 17 clubs in 6 countries, and the road to it was sometimes extremely winding. I received 0 replies to 76 sent emails. Nobody even wanted to hear about cooperation with the agency. So I packed my bags and set off on a journey: not as an agency, but as a dancer. 😉

5. I live by my own rules

I do not exist to meet the expectations of other people. Such an attempt is doomed to failure. Each person has a different vision of what will make me happy or give me satisfaction. Everyone has a plan for my life, often forgetting that it is mine. I learned not to try to please everyone at once, but to choose one person instead. Whom? Each other. 😉

For me, the choices I make are a source of constant satisfaction, inspiration and motivation to act. I learned to trust myself. I do not look over my shoulder, but I look boldly into the future. When the moment comes when I will have to sum up my life, I want to think with a smile that I lived it for myself, not others.

6. Work At Night Against Nature

I am a typical night owl! I work at nights and stay in this mode even during periods when I’m not traveling with my team in Europe. The reason is simple: the night gives me extraordinary peace and focus, and thus a higher comfort of creation. I live in Copenhagen in the city center. During the day, when I open the window, it’s hard for a moment of silence. The unbelievable noise takes my energy away and prevents me from working effectively. The night, however, brings relief and inspiration…

7. I’m Single

By choice. 😉 At the moment I decided to live alone. Marriage and the family based on it are an unnecessary commitment for me at the moment. Maybe I was affected by the modern objectification of the relationship? I approach it as a project, a kind of task: I try to analyze as many aspects of relationships as possible, assessing potential opportunities and threats. There are unlimited choices, so I take full advantage of them to find a guy who will be perfect for me. 🙂

Phew, you’ve met me a little bit. 😉 Now it’s your turn! What do I not know about you? Tell me about your biggest dream, passion, favorite place or what connects us. I am waiting!

Kate :*

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