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Agency number 1in Poland for DANCERS

The Agency like this which you have never known before. Every day I talk with  girls who are interested in to be part of my team. They ask me about the character, system of work in every part in Europe and for how long they have to sign the contract.  Questions are often sounds the same but that’s okay, I always answer dozens of times :). Nobody knows dancers as well as I do. My first success at the agency was based on trust  which girls gave me. We help each other and trust this is main foundation of the agency.

Professional ONLINE training for strippers for the first time in Poland.

In other words STRIP-SYSTEM . This is practical training for strippers in which you will find everything you need to become a successful dancer in and outside of the club.

My training help you to find an exit strategy. I will show you how to in reliably way,step by step, to turn your dreams into reality! If you want to do something – do it right and  become a stripper, but in a professional way. Together with Elis-My business  partner in the stripping business We have created STRIP-SYSTEM for you,  in which we explain in simple steps how you can maximize your income. In spite of everyone and everything we create STRIP-SYSTEM and it is not the end it `s the beginning 😉 We want to organize also special business meeting in every part of Poland. All of this things we do special for you, what can REALLY be useful 😉… For everyone who wants to expand knowledge of stage performance, seduction in dance, private dances , basic pole dance figures for beginner dancers, and for advanced dancers various pole dance techniques in the stage presentation.

Kate’s Diary is a completely different fairytale than the local one.

Have a vision, mission, goal a lot of creativity and the most important thing –  passions. I am aware of  that I run an agency in a completely different way than other local one in Poland, which recruit dancers for foreign clubs.

I have my narrow target group and I don’t work  stereotypically. I don’t “pack everything in one bag.” Quality costs and I do my best to become top-class quality 🙂 Everything must always go in a proper way , absolutely not at the expense of something or someone.

The main source of inspiration for establishing a non-local agency was related to my problems when I started my career in this business . Problems were related to my agent at that time. It meant sending me to the club, but my employer didn`t  know the basic information about me. For example : I didn`t speak English and I have never worked as a dancer. This situation caused that they kicked me out after three days. Club`s owner wasn`t  interested in what would happen to me and the agency was helpless because in many places in Europe there wasn`t enough place for new dancers.  But Suddenly  agency sent me to the capital city of  Denmark -Copenhagen, located on the east coast .I waited 9 to started work in the club. You can imagine my frightened then. (If you’re curious about my whole history of becoming a stripper, please visit my YouTube channel)

Because all of these negative experiences I decided to set up my own stripper agency based on first-hand experience. An agency where I put relationship with girls first, then business. In my agency you don`t find any offers of clubs. It works in a totally different way. First, I would like to know you better , talk with you. I have to know what you expect .  Let me understand your needs, then let’s find the perfect club for you and after that you can tell me “ I am in the right place” 🙂

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

I  really like my life. Although like everyone I had my ups and downs in it. I think that a lot of things I have achieved are due to the fact that I tried didn`t  make the same mistakes twice.

My self-confidence is in high level  today, as my happiness in life. Why? Because I am good for people and I feel my valuable.

I have my own life and attitude.  I am the Lady of my destiny and I create my reality. 8 years of conducting  economics activities wasn`t path paved with roses. Believe me. I have learned a lot during this time from successes and failures. Do you know how many times I fell,?  I can`t count it. But I got up and then I fell and again  I got up and I fell and got up again. In this case there is only one way when you want create your own things. I`m talking about trial and error way.


Being the boss for myself  was also something that gave me pleasure because I could accept or refuse work every time I want. It made my personal life flexible. Today I operate in 8 countries. I started my career as a stripper 2 years ago, working at the club 5 or 7 days a week. I paved all the ways for new dancers so that they can feel safe and comfortable in every step. I think that the aspect of accounting liquidity and a decent standard of living are the two main factors why girls start working in clubs. Flexible working hours, work at the largest European events and cities , travels around the Europe, freedom  and independence.

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